The winter in Helsinki

Visiting Helsinki and Tallinn in the winter is bitterly cold. You must be lucky if the sun appears during the winter. For instance, we have in Tallinn – it was a great sunny day, but it was pretty cold. The temperature in the winter can often be below freezing of – 6 ° C, and generally, there is quite a lot of rainfall all year round. Fortunately, we were so lucky during our trip it was dry and not snowing yet in November. Despite the cold, if dressed warmly, you can still enjoy the outdoor activity. 

I choose to visit this part of Europe in the winter to avoid crowds, also less expensive for flying. (Click here how to find cheap flights). However, the winter can be a nuisance if it’s raining, so it’s a risk you’ll have to take if you’d like to visit Helsinki and Tallinn at this time of the year. In fact, in two days we were there, it wasn’t that bad. The rain comes mostly in the evening, and we were already inside of our hotel room.


Packing Tips For Helsinki And Tallinn

It is exclusively a packing list for Helsinki and Tallinn. So if you are visiting the other places in Finland and Estonia, that’s another topic. I make this list because when I’m searching for information on what to pack for Helsinki, I can’t find an item of it.

So base on my experience, I’m sharing what I packed in my luggage, and I’m glad it was usable what I took in my carry on. Moreover, if you are planning to visit Tallinn from Helsinki, which is doable as a day trip – read how to get to Tallinn with a ferry.

Packing to a cold place

Packing for the winter and summer destination is entirely different. However, I tried minimizing my luggage when going on a trip – read my packing list for one month. I have more difficulty preparing my bags when going to colder places – I packed more than usual, as self-laundry isn’t easy. Moreover, the winter clothes are bulky and take spaces in the suitcase, but I succeeded in minimizing my carry on.

How about for outerwear? Well, choosing between the waterproof and wool jacket was for me a tough choice. The woolen coat is my favorite in the winter, but it gets wet. While the waterproof keeps you dry from rain and snow – so there are advantages and disadvantages of the two. I’ve checked the weather condition the day before we leave, and we’re so lucky that it was dry during our stay in Helsinki and Tallinn. 

Wandering around Tallinn in the winter
Wandering in the city of Tallinn

Carryon packing list

  • Wool jacket – is pretty warm but if it’s rain, the chances of getting wet.
  • A hooded waterproofNorth Face has a good winter jacket, they maybe are pricey, but it goes a long way. I have mine for a long time, but only wear it when extremely cold.
  • Warm waterproof boots or a sneaker – I took two footwear which one boot, and a sneaker. I’m comfortable walking with a sneaker.
  • Wool socks – gives a warm feeling on feet.
  • Gloves– the cold temperature can freeze your hands; however, it is annoying taking off each time you take a photograph if using the phone. Therefore wearing a smart glove will make it easy for you.
  • Knitted cap– it keeps your head and ears warm.
  • Scarf – it gives a more warm feeling.
  • Umbrella – although wearing a waterproof jacket, the umbrella still saves you from not excessively wet when it’s rain or snow.
  • Long jeans – it is sensible not to wear tight pants. It is absolutely a no, no for me; especially I don’t like to wear tights.
  • Thermal undershirt– love wearing thermal undershirt in the winter, feels very warm.
  • Woolen sleeves – wool fabric is pretty good, and warm; it may give an itchy reaction, but I wear a cotton sleeve underneath.

Check-in or carry-on

All of these items go in my hand luggage. We only have two full days and three nights, and I already overloaded with stuff. Rolling the pieces, it saves space in the suitcase. So I can’t imagine going on longer trips to a colder country which didn’t happen very often, as we’re heading mostly to a warmer destination in the winter. Moreover, flying with KLM includes a 20kg checked baggage, but is comfortable traveling with a carry-on. No need to wait for the luggage at the carousel and you’re out of the airport quickly. 

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