One of the many beautiful beaches in Mahe

Seychelles has always been a top-rated destination for people looking for a luxury trip. And a dream destination for the newly married couple.  
So when planning this trip, I am doubtful. But the airfare that offers with Air Seychelles is tough to resist, especially booking multiple destinations. So after visiting Seychelles, we flew to Mauritius. We did not have a direct flight to Mahe, but a long layover in ABU DHABI, which gave us the time to explore the capital of the United Arab Emirates. 

We knew Seychelles wasn’t a budget destination. Eventually, there is a range of option, an enormous variety of categories and budget lines accommodation. However, to optimize the cost of your trip, there are many self-catering bungalows. The best way to enjoy the country as you sit in your bargain-priced accommodation. Read my separate blog about a budget trip to Seychelles.

Don't Miss the three large islands

Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue are a short ferry ride and feasible as a day trip. But I recommend staying at least a couple of days to enjoy the entire island. May you think all three islands are the same everywhere, no it is not the case. Each Seychelles island has its unique charm, history, and personality.    

Moreover, self-drive is the cheapest and best way to explore the islands. Taxi and tours are expensive in Seychelles. You’ll find competitive prices on rental cars in Mahe International Airport, but we have taken the most affordable company KREOL CARS. As for La Digue, the smaller island. La Digue is like Amsterdam, where you see lots of bicycles. Cars are almost nonexistence, so the better way of exploring the island is with the bike.

Just be cautious. Seychelles drove on the left, and in some places, the road isn’t well structured, so driving in the dark is dangerous, as the street lights barely exist.


Views from Morne National Park -Mahe Seychelles
View from Morne Seychellois National Park

Mahe is the largest and the main island of Seychelles and the most populated island in the nation. The international airport is 11 kilometers from the city center of the capital, Victoria. The essential base for Air Seychelles the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles. Also home for exclusive resorts with private beach etc. where guest never leaves the premises. But there are plenty of things to do in Mahe. Our four days, it seems short.  

 You can do for a hike in the famous Morne Seychellois National Park. The biggest park of Seychelles with spectacular hiking trails the highest point of the archipelago. There are also several waterfalls to visit, such as the Cascade River and the Sauzier Waterfalls. In my opinion, Mahe has the best beaches in Seychelles but can be busy during the weekend. The local Seychellois spend their time with families and friends on the seaside.  

Beach hopping

Anse Royale beach-Mahe Seychelles
Anse Royale Mahe Seychelles beautiful beach with rock formation

There are more than 60 beaches in Mahe. The easiest way to the beaches is by car, which gives you freedom. If you drive to the east and south of the island, you rarely saw tourism, and the beaches are more impressive. The southern part of Mahe is known for its coral reef, and that is excellent for a snorkel.  

Nature Walk

National Biodiversity Centre at Barbarons, Mahe Seychelles
National Biodiversity Center, a nice walk at this leafy environment

There are a variety of walking opportunities in Mahe, but it is not necessary to climb a mountain. The National Biodiversity Centre at Barbarons is a unique forest walk located on the west coast of the island. The 17 hectares of land is home to flora, gives you the opportunities to discover many plants present in Seychelles.



Praslin is less developed than Mahe. Many people went for one day to Praslin, which I found a shame as there are so much to see. Although Praslin is smaller than Mahe, but also loads of stunning beaches, nevertheless, I found the beaches in Praslin less appealing, full of seaweed. The most beautiful Anse Lazio is so disappointing! Day tourist coming to Praslin just to spend on the beach. 

On the other hand, Cote d’Or, another famous beach on the island, has fewer tourist and home to several diving schools. If you have a vehicle, go to the outlying beaches where barely any people around. It feels lovely that we sometimes alone on the beach.

Visit the reserve parks

Praslin is not all about beaches. In fact, the island has much more to offer. There you see the Coco De Mer, the largest seed in the world. Two places you can view the palm trees in Praslin; In Vallee de Mai and Fond Ferdinand Reserve. There is admission when visiting the parks. For Valle De Mai is 350 rupees and Fond Ferdinand cost 125 rupees. It is interesting to take the guided tour to know about the history and how these plants came on the island.  

Coco de mer tree- Praslin, Seychelles
Coco de Mer tree
Coco de mer, the local seeds of Seychelles
Coco De Mer the largest seed in the world

I have never seen the species before. The giant seed called Coco de Mer, or sea coconut contains the largest seed of all known plant species. The enormous coconut in the shape of the female bowl. The fruit needs six to seven years to mature; a full-grown fruit can have a diameter of 40–50 cm and weigh 15–30 kg.

Tip, walking at Fond Ferdinand Reserve. It starts on a plain trail, but gradually going in steep walks. It takes an effort to the top but it really worthwhile, as you have a stunning view of the islands.

Hopping on Praslin beaches

Cote d'or beach - Praslin, Seychelles
Cote d'Or beach one of the famous white beach on the island
Praslin beach, Seychelles
Typical beaches in Praslin with curved palm trees

A distinctive quality on beaches in Praslin is the curved palm trees hanging on the white beach, and you’ll see them often here. If you’d like hopping on beaches, renting a car is the best way. We used the same company in Mahe. They don’t have an office at the jetty, but they’re waiting for us with the car.

The bus in Praslin the same as in Mahe, they are slow, and it didn’t go the way you want. But if you prefer the bus, for 7 rupees you’ll get the ride for a limited destination.

La Digue

Bicycles parking in Anse Source D'Argent, Seychelles
La Digue, discover this beautiful island peacefully with a bicycle

Your trip to Seychelles will not be complete without visiting La Digue. Many people come to La Digue for one day. But to fully enjoy the island, I suggest staying at least the night. La Digue is one of the smaller islands after Mahe and Praslin. And it should be on your itinerary when visiting Seychelles. The sleepy tiny island reminds me of Caye Caulker. Cars aren’t much around, golf carts transporting everything. The mode of getting around is hiring a bicycle for 100 rupees a day. 

Beach Hopping

Anse Source D'Argent, Seychelles
Anse Source D'Argent with the spectacular rock formation
Grand Anse - the white beach of Praslin
Grand Anse, beautiful scenery and pristine sandy surface

There are several beaches in La Digue, but only a few are suitable for swimming due to its current. Have you ever wonder why La Digue is so popular?. It is because for its beautiful beach Anse Source d’Argent. With its spectacular view that often seen on Seychelles postcards. Also the most photograph beach in Seychelles  
The stunning shore situated inside L’Union Estate, with an entrance fee of 115 rupees. The gate to the beach is open from 6 am to 6 pm.

One thing that might disappoint you is the crowds. La Digue is preferred island for day tourist and spends their time at Anse Source d’Argent. To avoid the mass, take an early start if you plan on taking photographs. But later in the afternoon when day trippers have gone, you’ll have more space on the beach. If you are staying on the island, you can linger till the closing time.

Two Islands In the Bucket List

Can you visualize the 115 islands and most of them are uninhabited? You can visit some of these islands with a guide. However, we choose Curieuse Island for the giant turtle and St Pierre Island for the marine national park.

In general, Seychelles is an expensive destination, but if you can miss a few bucks, these two islands should be on your list! It is worth the money.    

Curieuse Island

The island used as a leper colony in 1829, and it remained that way until 1965. The latter former leprosy center can still be visited. There’s plenty of walking opportunities on the island, and also you’re able to see the giant tortoises. The creatures are sprawling freely near the beach.

Tip: To reach the island, you have two options: either charter a boat from Cote D’Or Beach in Praslin for 35 euro or book a day trip. Prices start from 50 euro per person, which allows you to see Curieuse & St Pierre island. Our guide dropped us at Anse St Jose Bay, and able to visit the lepra museum. After that, we hike for 1 km 700 — a lovely walk with some views of the shore and the mangroves. And being picked up at Turtle Bay.    

Curieus island, Seychelles
Typical of Seychelles beaches with beautifully shaped rock
Curieuse island, Seychelles
Tame giant turtles crawling freely

Curieuse is a very touristy island. But there is enough space for everyone — the main thing we want to do here to see the giant turtles. I’ve seen a big turtle on Galapagos island, but the one you see on Curieuse island is different. Not only they’re tame, but also you can touch them. 


This tiny islet is more than just a granite formation. St Pierre island is less than 15 minutes boat ride from Praslin. We book a combination tour with Curieuse island for 50 euro. One of the best spot for snorkeling in Seychelles. You can snorkel around the island

Sint Pierre island, Seychelles
St Pierre, an impressive island group, favorite with swimmers, snorkelers
Sint Pierre island, Seychelles
The enticing island of St Pierre with its rock intersection

The island is home to marine life. You can see the species on the bottom through crystal clear water from the boat. I have been snorkeling in Fiji, Galapagos, and the Great Barrier Reef, but this place is number one of the most enchanting spots for snorkelers.

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