The beautiful Corniche of Jeddah

Riyadh, Jeddah, and Madinah are the top three cities to visit in Saudi Arabia. I remember someone saying that there was nothing to do in Saudi Arabia. They were wrong, as you can do many things in these three cities – from the bustling city of Riyadh with its skyscrapers to the old town of Jeddah and the holy city of Madinah.

This blog will give you an overview of the best highlight and show you the best way to get to the must-see sights, travel tips, accommodation, transport, etc.

Saudi Arabia may not be the first country you think of as a destination, but it will be the most visited country in the Middle East within a couple of years.

I’m glad I made this trip before the influx of tourists, as it has been on my bucket list for a long time. But it was not easy to get in before because of their strict visa rules. However, since the borders opened to visitors in 2019, it is now possible for everyone to travel independently.

Booking A Flight to Saudi Arabia

Riyadh and Jeddah are two major airports in Saudi Arabia. I booked my return ticket to Riyadh and bought a domestic flight to Jeddah. Whether you fly to Riyadh or Jeddah, it’s the same. But remember, if you decide to fly to Jeddah, you have to visit Madinah before going to Riyadh.

The better alternative is flying to Riyadh and going out from Jeddah or vice versa. I wasn’t thinking well when booking my flight. I could avoid back and forth, but I only thought about it after making the booking. And changing my flight itinerary costs more than buying a domestic flight.

I flew with Qatar Airways as they were cheaper, but the 13 hours of transit in Doha was very annoying – I didn’t know what to do at the airport. Going out wasn’t an option as it was almost midnight when I arrived in Doha. So I wrote about what to do during a long layover in Qatar.

Saudi Arabia Visa And Entry

Visiting Saudi Arabia, you must have a prior tourist visa. Most European passports can pre-arrange a tourist visa online, which costs 125 euros, including travel health insurance. The most expensive tourist visa I ever had. 

King Fahad is the busiest road in Saudi Arabia
It doesn’t seem rush hour yet in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia is not a budget-friendly destination in the Middle East, the cost of accommodation and public transport is the one that brings up high. So you barely meet backpackers here as the hostel doesn’t exist.

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As for a tourist visa, the online application is super easy. But it would be best if you had in hand: a passport, airline booking, hotel name, and credit card. After submitting your online application, you will receive an approved email within five minutes.

Please print out your tourist visa because they will check the document at the airport. For the official Saudi Arabian tourist visa website, click on this link because so many websites can be confusing. You can stay for three months in KSA with your tourist visa.

Getting Around The Cities in Saudi Arabia

The only way to get around is by taxi, Uber, and careem. So crossing from one place to another is quite expensive. 

The anticipated price for a short ride costs 3 to 5 euros, and for a long-distance, it’ll cost you 7 to 20 euros. Therefore, planning the sights you want to visit is sensible, so you don’t need to take a taxi back and forth. 

However, Saudi Arabian taxis have meters, but drivers never use them unless you ask them to. Negotiation is typical, and you must agree on the price before getting on the vehicle because some taxi drivers are aggressive, primarily ex-pats.

Uber drivers are local Arabs which is a lot safer than a taxi. By the way, I have no experience with careem, so I can’t speak about it. I have the app on my phone, but I found Uber is easy to use. 

Where To Stay In Riyadh

There’s plentiful accommodation in Riyadh based on everyone’s budget. The Olaya districts are the city’s commercial heart, but hotel prices in the area are pretty high. So if you check, you will find rooms that meet your budget.

I stayed at Plaza Business Hotel in the Olaya district for a couple of nights. The location is close to Kingdom Center and shopping malls. And as a solo traveler, I walk here at night to the malls, where I never feel unsafe.

My second accommodation in Riyadh is at Mena Al Diyar. They have spacious studios for a reasonable price, but the location is somehow not one of the best spots to stay in Riyadh. Moreover, the surrounding areas have no street lights, so I don’t go out when it’s dark. 

I booked this place at the last minute after having trouble finding the other booking I mentioned on my other blog. I also ignored all the negative reviews on this place, and they were right. It’s the dirtiest accommodation I had in Saudi Arabia.

Top Three Cities To Visit In Saudi Arabia

The beautiful Kingdom tower by night
The Kingdom tower at night changes its color

Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh

Let’s start in Riyadh. The capital is a modern Arab city with wide roads and many shopping centers. The skyline is characterized by ultra-modern skyscrapers such as the Kingdom Center, with its striking structure reminiscent of a bottle opener.

Another impressive feature of modern architecture is Al Faisaliyah Centre which you can’t ignore. But there’s so much more to discover on the outskirts of Riyadh.
So there is no doubt that the capital of Saudi Arabia is entirely different as it has more contemporary and luxurious for its people and all those who come to it.

Things To Do In Riyadh

As you can see below, it gives you an example of what to do in Riyadh. You can fit this into your itinerary by having one or more days. Remember, getting from one place to another can delay your trip because of the traffic. Being patient and more patient is the only thing you can do.


It is one of the oldest neighborhoods and home to expatriates in Riyadh. It doesn’t look like the Middle East, utterly different from what you see in the city center. So here and there, you see depleted buildings still used for housing and shops. 

It seems like you’re wandering in one of the Asian countries. But I recommend visiting during the daytime, as I wasn’t comfortable walking around, especially on deserted streets.

As for shopaholics, it’s a great place to be. There are so many shops, and everything you can think of you finds here for a low price.

If you need an abaya and hijab, go to this place. I’m sure you need one for women travelers. There’s no fixed price for which you can ask for a discount. I only pay 50 riyals (€12) for my abaya, including a headscarf. So it’s a bargain price, and you can’t get it cheaper elsewhere.

Tips: How to get to Batha

You don’t know where the taxi driver dropped you off if you only tell Batha. In your Uber app, type Manila Plaza – it’s right in the center. And from there is easy to navigate on foot. But, of course, you never get lost because you will come out on the shopping street. That said, it’s a shopping area. 

Street Walk At King Fahad Road In Olaya

Kingdom Center of Riyadh
The Kingdom Center

Walking is the best way to explore a city, but it seems complicated to do in Riyadh because of insufficient pedestrians. And the Arabic people love speeding – crossing means ” run for your life.” Unfortunately, not many people walk in the street, and as a woman, you feel intimidated, but you will get used to it after a few days.

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King Fahad Road in Olaya is the best spot for a partial view of the city’s skyscrapers. The Olaya Towers is one of the fancy addresses in Riyadh where you find yourself mainly under those high-rise buildings – it is genuinely worth the time and effort. I also walk here at night, and the prospect differs from what you’ve seen during the day, regarded and identified together.

Al Masmak Fortress

Avoid back and forth and save on the cost of a taxi. Combine the Masmak Fortress, traditional souk, and National Museum. You can walk as they’re not far from each other.

So you start at the Al Masmak Fortress and walk to the traditional souk (marketplace) when you have done. You pass here anyway on the way to the National Museum.

Al Masmak Fortress in Riyadh
The Masmak Fort

The Masmak Fortress, built in the middle of the 19th century, is one of the main attractions in Riyadh. And to gain some informative context into the majestic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The entrance is free, so take advantage to see inside. The beautiful architecture displayed historical value that will keep you occupied for a good hour. 

The Traditional Souk (Marketplace)

Coming out of the Masmak fortress, you will get to the souks (marketplace) right outside the fort. Some gift shops are perfect for buying local products.

Riyadh souks
You can’t miss the shop with its two wooden camels.

But if you’re not into shopping, a walkthrough and a brief look around. It is not as crowded as other markets in Riyadh. However, haggling skills are needed if you purchase something, except if there are already price tags on the articles.

National Museum Of Saudi Arabia

To learn a vast amount about the culture of Saudi Arabia, the National Museum in Riyadh is the place to be. It’s an excellent site to start before traveling through the country – as it gives comprehensive and better insight into Islam history.

It’s a pretty big place, and there are some videos to watch, so you will need more time to explore inside than in other museums. There’s a 10 riyals (€2.40) entrance fee, which is much cheaper than a coffee in Starbucks. 

Tips: How To Get There

Either you start at the National Museum or the Al Masmak Fortress; just type one of the two on your phone. The taxi driver will drop you off at the entrance. The walking distance between the museum and the fortress is approximately 30 minutes. As I mentioned in my other blog, Riyadh is not a pedestrian-friendly city. So watch out when crossing the road or taking a taxi it doesn’t cost that much for a short ride.

Diplomatic Quarter

The Diplomatic Quarter is home to foreign embassies and government housing in Riyadh. If you want to get away from the hustle, this could be the place you need.

Diplomatic Quarter houses in Arabic style
Diplomatic Quarter houses in Arabic style

The fascinating architecture and green landscape are like an oasis. The tranquility doesn’t look like you’re still in Riyadh. It is such a fantastic place to spend a day without the hordes.

Walking trails in DQ

Adventure hikes at Diplomatic Quarter? Yes, you can. There are a few walking trails in DQ. But I think if you visit this place for the first time, I’m pretty sure you don’t need the tracks. I had a nonstop walk all day, following the residential streets. I feel my legs when I’m back at my hotel later in the evening.

But for adventurous hikers, there are several paths you can choose. So be prepared for the short and long walks. From Tuwaig palace, I’ve seen the sign you can take a short trail from there. As for the longer tracks, you need to head to Wadi Hanifah. I planned to take the hike, but I hadn’t made it back there – I ran out of time.

Oud Square Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh
The oud square

Tips: How to get to the Diplomatic Quarter

Because it is a large area, I did a lot of research on these. So, for example, you need to pick a spot, and in one blog I found, she said to choose one of the gardens. So I type on my Uber app the Tuwaig Garden. 

The driver knows exactly where the garden is, and from there I start walking. You can’t get lost because each street is designated, but sometimes, I open my google maps to see where I am. 

In addition, by visiting the Diplomatic Quarter, you will be entering one of the access gates, where each gate has a security guard. So don’t be surprised if the guard asks your taxi driver where you are going, but that is just the formality here. So without any problem, they let you through.

Tips: Going back to the city center

You can order an Uber anytime if you’re ready to return to the center. Again, look for a place where it’s clear for the driver to pick you up. I walk to Oud Square, where you have Starbucks, and type the coffee shop Starbucks in your Uber app. This way, it’s easy for the driver to perceive where you are waiting.

King Abdullah Park

There are quite a few greeny parks in Riyadh, and some are charged, such as King Abdullah Park – the largest Park in Riyadh, with an entry fee of 11.50 riyals. The greenery areas offer an excellent walkway – the highlight is the lake and fountain in the very center of the park. In the evening a superb fountain show with music and a light show.

King Abdullah Park
The fountain in King Abdullah Park

Riyadh Zoo

It is something different than all the skyscrapers you’ve seen anywhere. Surprisingly, I haven’t thought of going to the zoo in Riyadh. It is, in fact, the cheapest zoo I’ve ever been to – for 11.50 riyals (€2.5) admission fee, you have an unforgettable day in Riyadh.

The zoo is quite large, where you find a variety of animals and reptiles. Well worth spending a couple of hours visiting the animals retained in their natural wildlife environment—the maintenance inside looks organized to European standards. So for the time you spent inside, it was genuinely worth it for what they offer.

Old Diraiyah

The old town is on Unesco Heritage of Saudi Arabia, located on the outskirts of Riyadh. It’s fascinating to see these historical places in old mud buildings built in traditional Saudi style.

However, restorations and improvements are still in process, but if that doesn’t bother you, still a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

I came here twice. The first time I took a taxi, which was an expensive ride. And for the second time, I went in a rental car and wasn’t allowed to go in because they were preparing for the events. So check before heading to Old Diriyah if they are open to avoid any disappointment.

Taiba Market

There are a few markets in Riyadh where some are less known. Nevertheless, the Taiba market is famous because of its traditional aptitude. It is one of the best places for everyone who needs anything, from traditional abayas or gold hunters to carpet lovers, everything you can think of; the Taiba market has it all.

The twisted Majdoul Tower
The twisted Majdoul Tower

I still didn’t learn the opening hours of markets in Riyadh; when I came here, the shops were closed. However, it was the best time, and I didn’t mind. It was, in fact, ideal because there was nobody around and strolling by myself I could take some photos, and outside you have a full view of twisted Majdoul Tower.

Riyadh Kingdom Tower

The Kingdom Tower is one of the top attractions in Riyadh. So it’s a shame if you miss this site. The captivating design looks like a bottle opener and offers a full panoramic view of Riyadh on top.

Indeed, you can’t compare it to the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai, which is immense and expensive. The Kingdom Tower is a smaller version and cheaper. The Skybridge is the viewing platform to see the city on both sides.

City view from Skybridge
The partial view from the Skybridge

You can visit the tower all day, but the best time to go up is late afternoon at 5 pm and stay to watch the sunset as the city lights come on. And for the price you pay, you have the city’s outlook in day and night light.

The admission price to the Skybridge on weekdays costs €15, while double the price on weekends. Thus it will be wise to go up during working days, not only fewer people around but also cheaper. 

Combine Wadi Namar Lake And Heet Cave

Did you know that there are some fantastic spots outside of Riyadh? If you want something different than skyscrapers, then discover these places. It’s a free entrance! Your only problem is the transportation.

Wadi Namar lake is about 25 minutes drive from the city center. It’s a great site if you like some quiet locations, especially on weekdays you only see the workers and no other visitors around. The palm trees and the landscape is so different, another little treasure in Riyadh, which is a lovely place to stroll along the waterfront.

Wadi Namar Lake
Wadi Namar Lake

You have a superb view of the lake from both sides. However, drive to the parking lot and walk down to the bottom if you come with a car. If you come by taxi, probably the driver will drop you off on the hillside, where you have a beautiful view of the surrounding area. But you can walk down to the bottom and get closer to the water.

Heet Cave

The Heet Cave is another hidden spot on the outskirts of Riyad, located amid the desert. So getting there by taxi is impossible unless you hire them.

The sinkhole of this cave is known for its crystal-clear waters, which are ideal for a swim, but due to its rocky passage going down to the bottom can be more adventurous and dangerous. But even if you’re not going to swim, exploring the area can be great – a gem to discover while in Riyadh.

It is still an unknown place for many, but I understand that it is not an accessible site without your transport.

The cave’s location is not easy to find as it is hidden, so you must see the landmark. There is a small hut full of graffiti, which you can’t miss the only one you see around. Then, walking through it by going down, you will see a big rock – beneath that rock is the Heet cave.

Tips: How to get to Wadi Namar Lake & Heet Cave

These are not famous tourist attractions yet, but if you type the location on Google Maps, it shows the direction. So use your phone for navigation.

Heet Cave
The Heet Cave (photo contributed by Johnmark)

Its locations are on the outskirts of Riyadh, so combine these two in one day with a rental car. A taxi and organized tour will cost a fortune. So self-drive is the cheapest way – you can rent a vehicle for 35 USD a day in Riyadh.

Edge of the World in Saudi Arabia

The vista reminded me of visiting the Grand Canyon in Arizona. You probably don’t expect to see this view in Riyadh, making your trip an unforgettable event in Saudi Arabia. However, this will be the most expensive thing to do in Riyadh, it costs 345 riyals (€84), but it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You can choose to go for a hike or want to see the spectacular scenery – the options are yours. The view at the Edge of the World is stunning and has geographic features. It is still an undiscovered beauty because getting there on your own isn’t easy, so going on tours is the only way.

Tips: How To Get There

Not very easy as you need to book this in a travel agency. Some say you can go by yourself, but you need four-wheel drive because you’re going off-road to the last part of the park. But I haven’t dared to do it as accidents happen here.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many agencies making this trip, so I contacted a few agencies online, and the only one that responded to my query was Ghazi Tours. So the best approach to get a quick reply is to message them through Instagram.

There’s no daily trip to the Edge of the World unless you want a private tour, which is more expensive. The tour starts at 3:00 pm and finishes at 9:00 pm. They do the afternoon tour so you can experience the sunset.

Jeddah City

Jeddah is the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia, the gateway to the holy city: Mecca and Medina. The beautiful city of Jeddah gives a different impression than Riyadh because it combines its historical treasure with modern life. In a word, Jeddah has it all.

The unique appearance of the old quarters, where you find different building styles from the eras. And while Jeddah’s Corniche is a popular recreational area with walking trails, pavilions, and sculptures, making the city attractive to travelers.

Jeddah's old town Al Balad
It looks like a ghost town when the shops are closed

Tips: How to get to Jeddah?

There are a few ways to reach Jeddah, either by bus, train, or air. And my first plan was to go by train, but you can’t go straight to Jeddah without stopping in Damman. So I decided to fly. However, flying it doesn’t cost that much – they have budget airlines in Saudi Arabia such as Flynas and Flyadeal. Even booking a last-minute ticket doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

In addition, if you want to travel by train, Riyadh and Jeddah have different websites for online booking. So, for example, if booking a ticket departure from Riyadh, you need to go to SAR and from Jeddah, go to the HHR website. It sounds complicated? No, it is not—just a little hassle by train with all the layovers. So the best choice is by bus Saptco – it’s a long trip but straightforward and cheaper. 

Where to stay in Jeddah

There’s no shortage of places to stay in Jeddah, so many choices are based on everyone’s budget. The Oyo chain hotels have studios in different locations and are reasonably cheap.

I’m staying at OYO 278 Taj Shaba Furnished Units  – their location is primarily in a quiet area of Jeddah but only a short drive to the old town, and there are shops nearby. They have beautiful spacious studios equipt with a mini kitchen.

I also spent a couple of nights in Jeddah Gulf Hotel. It’s another inexpensive place to stay and just a short ride to the Corniche, and this is even better than my previous hotel in terms of location. It is surrounded by a level of quality restaurants and shops, and a big chain supermarket. 

They have a lovely spacious room with a wifi router inside, that’s why the internet is pretty good here. There’s also a parking lot, so finding a parking space shouldn’t be a problem if you rent a car.

Things to do in Jeddah

Jeddah is distinguished by its beautiful architecture and is home to historical landmarks, and is also famous for its modern attractions. Thus, creating an exciting itinerary will give you an idea of what to do in Jeddah.

Al Balad

It is the old town and historical site of Jeddah. Whether shopping or sightseeing, the place is exhilarating to wander all day. Lots of history gives you a sense of Jeddah’s past events. Al Balad was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage in 2014, where some traditional houses and shops are still restored and open for visitors.

Jeddah's old town Al Balad
One of the historical houses in Al Balad

The best time to visit Al Balad is morning or afternoon when most shops are still closed, which makes a perfect time to take some photographs as only fewer people are around.

Tips: How To Get To Al Balad

There are several gates in the old town, and although you’re not going to get lost, it’s easy to make clear to your taxi driver where you exactly be dropped off.

If taking an Uber, you can type the Bab Jadid gate on your app – as for taxis, tell the driver you want to get out at Bab Jadid gate. And from there, you’re close to the historical area of Al Balad. 

The beautiful Corniche of Saudi Arabia

The gorgeous coastline of Jeddah is the place to go, and it considers one of the best city attractions. On one side, you have the red sea, while on the other is the city’s skyscraper.

The colored walking path along the corniche
The colored walking path along the corniche

The Corniche in Jeddah split into the southern, central, and northern parts. And each section is different, but a fascinating feature is the south Corniche, where you find the mosque and some beautiful artworks.

Despite the congested road along the Corniche, they made more than 30 kilometers of pedestrian length, where you discovered some beautiful sculptures and mosques along the way.

I visited this place two times. When I came here, it was during the weekend, which was too crowded, yet a fun time between the local Arabs. The best time is going on weekdays, and it feels like you have all the space alone.

Tips: How To Get To Corniche

The Corniche is a long boulevard, so your taxi driver will not know where in Corniche you want to be. So I ask my driver to drop me off at Venue Hotel, one of the most famous hotels in Jeddah. And from there, start walking either going south or north Corniche.

Red Sea Mall

You don’t need to be a shopaholic to visit the Red Sea Mall. Saudi Arabia is known for its luxury shopping, but I didn’t intend to go shopping. My curiosity took me to what was inside. The attractive building of the red sea mall is hard to withstand – the biggest shopping mall in Jeddah. A browse inside can’t harm your wallet but is genuinely worth the time.

The Corniche of Jeddah
Monumental sculptures along the Corniche

Of course, they have everything from ordinary to luxury brands if you want to go shopping. Nevertheless, the food court was the best part I’ve seen so far, with extensive choices. So this will be the place to be for epicurean travelers.

Walk to Formula 1 STC Museum

It’s a shame to skip this place while it is just a short walk from Red Sea Mall. It’s free to visit, so why not take advantage. It can be deceiving to explore inside, which takes time if you are thorough with everything you find here.

Have you heard or seen the Saudi Arabian first Grand Prix in 2021 in Jeddah on television? This tiny enthralling place provides information and exhibitions during the Grand Prix event in 2021.

Madinah, the holy city in Saudi Arabia

Madinah is the second most important city for Islamic traditions and beliefs. If you read about Madinah, you see a lot of information beyond the possibility of visiting the city if you’re not a Muslim.

But I found a recent blog that is indeed possible to visit even if you’re not a Muslim. So I took my chances and booked a hotel for one night.

Prophet's Mosque
They are heading inside the Prophet’s Mosque.

I was very confident that there couldn’t get wrong visiting as a non-Muslim. I’m not a Muslim, but I genuinely want to see this holy city of Saudi Arabia. And I’m glad I did, as it was worth a trip.

The rules for the women travelers are to dress up as anyone else – wearing an abaya and covering up your hair. Nobody asks if you are a Muslim pretending to be one. Not even during check-in to my hotel; all they want from you is your passport.

Two Full Days In Madinah

It is such a beautiful city filled with many beautiful places of worship. But, as I wasn’t sure what to expect during my visit, I only stayed for one night. I regretted it as I could have spent two nights seeing the entire city. But, of course, I’ve seen the essential attraction during the night but would want to experience it all in the daytime.

Tips: How to get to Madinah from Jeddah

You must be in Jeddah if you plan to visit Madinah. The best way to reach Madinah is by taking the train or bus, but there’s a big price gap between these two and a time difference. 

The buses are cheaper, cost €15 for a one-way but take longer, about 5 hours trip. The train can take you up to Medina in more than one hour, with a ticket price of €35 for a one-way trip.

I took the bus from Jeddah Al Corniche station to Madinah. The ticket is available at Saptco online, and no need to reserve in advance – either you book the day you travel or the night before. The ticket you bought online is the same price at the station, and you avoid the hassles if you have a ticket on hand.

As for the train, you need to reserve a seat in advance, which you can choose to travel in business or economy class. Check the railway website for the train in Jeddah that I provide above this post. 

Where to stay in Madinah

If you check on, there is abundant accommodation in Madinah, but avoid visiting during the weekend as hotel prices might be high; many people from different places are heading to Madina. So it is sensible to plan a trip on weekdays and enjoy your time in the city.

I stayed at Mirage Al Salam, a five-minute walk to Prophet’s Mosque and close to Madinah’s old bazaar. I can recommend this place if you are looking for a central location at an affordable price. The location is entirely away from the bus station, and a taxi costs 25 riyals with a negotiation price.

Things to do in Madinah

I so much regretted that I only spent one night in Madinah, and there were many things to see.

Hop On Hop Off Bus

The Hop-on hop-off bus would be the most convenient thing to do, and it covers all tourist attractions in Madinah – even going to the outer parts of the city.

It may be expensive 80 riyals (€20) for the ticket, which gives you the freedom for 24 hours to see all the city’s attractions. Taking a taxi back and forth to places you want to visit will cost you more.

And with the hop-on-hop-off bus, you can hop off anytime you want and visit some of the religious houses. There were two lines to choose from: short and long – I recommend you to take the longer one with 11 stops, this will also cost more, but you will see the important sites in the city.

Prophet’s Mosque – Masjid Al-Nabawi

Prophet's Mosque
One of the entrances to the mosque

The Prophet’s mosque is one of Madinah’s most popular and revered places, with breathtaking architecture. And I can’t compare it to the one I’ve seen in Abu Dhabi

It blows my mind as it isn’t what I’ve seen and felt every day. The peacefulness has no words to describe. There’s a revival of the spiritual energy when inside the mosque, a unique experience. And before you know it, you forget the time that you have sat under these beautiful open umbrellas for a few hours.

Masjid Quba

Masjid Quba Mosque
Beautifully lit at night

The historical significance of the Quba Mosque is a unique landmark which is a reason for a visit. It is the second-largest and most prestigious Mosque in Medinah after Prophet’s Mosque. Though its location is outside the center of Madinah, if you take the hop-on-hop-off bus, it is one of the stops, and you’ll be waiting here for a while until the prayer is done. One can perceive the beautiful white building with four minarets and some beautiful domes from a distance. Although only Muslim visitors can enter to pray, you can just admire the exterior of the worship building.

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