The charming village of Eguisheim in the Alsace

The top six beautiful towns in the Alsace were worth a trip! France is my favorite neighboring country and is always lovely to visit anytime, as there are many things to do. And I’m lucky I didn’t need to fly as I live near the country’s border.

It’s summer in a scorching temperature, and my first thought is going on a road trip. And the first thing that hits my mind is going to the Alsace, as I’ve never been here in the summertime. My last visit was in the winter, which was cold, and the city was less attractive.

France is a popular destination for Europeans and non-European residents, especially in the summertime. Thus, searching for accommodation at the last minute wasn’t easy, especially in the high season. But still, I managed to find an affordable place to stay.

Views of Vineyards in the Alsace
View of the villages in the Alsace

Summertime in the Alsace

The Alsace during the summer is beautiful. The villages are in bloom, strikingly different than visiting in the winter. But be conscious, it can be pretty busy in the summer. But if you’d like a peace of mind, try another region like Menton in the French Riviera.

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But where is the Alsace in France? The small area lies in the northernmost part of France, with alternated mountain landscapes, vast plains, vineyards, winding rivers, and picturesque villages. A perfect destination for a short or even longer holiday as there is so much to experience.

Selestat is an unknown town in the Alsace

Old gate of Selestat Alsace
The entrance gate to the city center

Selestat is the first town we visited after five hours of driving, a village in the east of France located on the upper Rhine Plain near the Vosges. Selestat is a cozy town and less popular compared to other municipalities in the Alsace, but truly worth a visit.

There are several highlights to find out during your walks—the tower, of course – the main entrance to the village. 

Also, Selestat is known for its Humanist Library, which contains an essential collection of old books registered on the World Heritage List for documents since 2011. Furthermore, you will find imposing churches, the masterpiece of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. 

Additional things to do in Selestat take the car and drive up to the castle (Chateau du Haut Koenigsbourg). The beautiful ancient castle perched above the high valley. You’ll immerse yourself in the heart of history, and the place seems almost magical. It does take you back in the centuries.

Riquewihr the busiest town in the Alsace

The ancient tower of Riquewihr
The ancient tower, one of most photographed in Riquewihr

We visited Riquewihr in the afternoon. And it was incredibly crowded, but it was expectedly to happen if you were here in the summer. The vibrant medieval town is rich in architectural buildings from the period between the 15th and 18th centuries. So if you happen to visit in the high season, go early in the morning for photographs.

Riquewihr is a compact town, from the old city gate, it takes you through the winding alleys and onto the beautiful main street where most visitors walk.

From there, you will find a significant number of half-timbering houses. However, if you want to walk away from the mass, you still find radiant half-colorful timbered dwellings – this allocated almost everywhere inside the village.

Furthermore, the old city gate is an integral part of the city wall, with a watchtower at the top and a Belfry, the eye-catcher in the city. You can go up to the tower and enjoy the beautiful view of Riquewihr and the surrounding vineyards.


The medieval town of Kaysersberg- Alsace
Charming town of Kaysersberg

On the second day, we start in Kaysersberg. Morning is a good time as it’s fewer crowds. All the villages in the Alsace are look-alike. Yet, the comparison of each one of them is still different.

Kaysersberg sounds like Dutch or German. Whatever it sounds like, this is another beautiful town in the Alsace, also attracting many visitors. The small fountain standing in front of the entrance of the church – dating from 1521, is the first thing you see when entering the town. From there, it catches on everyone’s eye.

The attribute of beautiful half-timbered houses will take your attention. And while leisurely wandering through the main street, sooner or later, you’ll come to the fortified bridge, which was built in 1514. The two halves of the village are held together by a lovely old reinforced bridge. Like all the original buildings in this village, the bridge is an attraction in itself.

Eguisheim my favorites in the Alsace

A quint town of Eguisheim
A quaint town with a great impression

Eguisheim is one of my favorites among the six towns. Another quaint town in the Alsace and much more pleasing to wander. I’ve never been comfortable walking except on this one. A walkthrough feels like stepping back in time.

It gives a great impression and is less crowded than the others—the cozy village with circular streets abundantly decorated with flowers.

The town has chosen as one of the most beautiful villages in France in 2013, mainly because of the beautiful half-timbered houses in the old center.

Astonishing how they build the homes, the coziness of the houses, especially the inner blocks which two streets constructed around them that run around the core and the stunning colors.

This town frequently is seen on postcards of the Alsace and is also worth going up the castle, and you have a lovely view of the village and the surrounding area.


The cutest town of the Alsace
The cutest town of the Alsace

I heard someone saying this is the cutest town of the Alsace; everyone has their own opinion. Ribeauville is indeed a beautiful town and different from the other villages. The broad main street Grand Rue featured some colorful half-timbered houses underneath these buildings used for shops and restaurants. 

Such as, in any of the Alsatian towns, you’ll find many winemakers in Ribeauville. Although I’m not into wines, I genuinely enjoyed the excellent food. There are many good restaurants in town. 

Mostly, everyone wanders through the main street. However, if you take the small alleys, you still notice some remarkable buildings from the 12th and 13th centuries characterized in the Alsace. 

The long-run street winds you through the middle ages tower, one of the highlights in Ribeauville. Also, if you want to see more of the town, the little tourist train runs every day from May to the end of October. The enjoyable ride takes you through the vineyards and the village of Hunawihr. 



Beautifully embellished in flowers, the little Venice in Colmar
Beautifully embellished in flowers, the little Venice in Colmar

Colmar is much bigger than in previous towns, and there are many things to do. One can spend the entire day in the city. However, we only spend a half-day. Colmar lies near the German border; you can expand your visit from here and continue to Freiburg, Germany, which is approximately one hour’s drive, a beautiful German city near France.

The Colmar is already famous in the Alsace. And since the Tour de France passed through this town, the visitors to the city have increased. So it is expectedly the most crowded place in the Alsace. But as the biggest city, you will likely enjoy your walk around without bumping the other tourists.

Curiosity brought everyone to Colmar. In the city center, there’s one house embellished with jerseys, bikes, and country flags. And that house is one of the most photographed and for selfies. Who doesn’t? I’m standing there too.


Colmar parking and surroundings

One annoying thing about Colmar is if you come in with a car. The city’s parking lot is located in a remote place far from the old town. You will likely have to walk approximately 20-30 minutes from the car park. But it is worth it.

The first thing we saw was Little Venice. Not precisely the Venice of Italy, but surely worth taking that river cruise. Colmar is a beautiful and pleasant city, full of centuries-old half-timbered houses. The town center is a maze of streets and alleys where you see colored houses.

Where to stay in the Alsace

There’s no shortage of accommodations in the Alsace. The only thing that can aggravate visiting during the summer months is the high prices. But I can’t complain as we found an excellent place to stay for a few nights. 

Also, one thing to consider if traveling with a vehicle is that most hotels in town don’t have private parking. Thus, you’ll likely have to park in a public area where you must pay. The cost of parking in the Alsace cost 1 euro for one hour. 

We staying in a tiny village Beblenheim at Gites Marschall Jean-Pierre. We got an apartment from for a reasonable price and based ourselves here. And the place is just a five-minute drive to Riquewihr.


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