The old town of Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is not the biggest attraction in the Rajasthan State, but it certainly attracts tourists. It describes a city of the fairy tales for retaining its medieval charm—a special place to visit and less crowded than in other cities of Rajasthan. If you are traveling with limited time as most people do. This two days itinerary will take you most of the city’s highlights.

It’s a long way trip to Jaisalmer. We already cover kilometers on this trip on our ninth day in India, and thanks to our driver Kamal for bringing us this far. We’re also thankful to Namaste India Tours for arranging our Rajasthan trip. It wasn’t easy to find a trustworthy company in India. With them, I can guarantee you to have an enjoyable journey.

The Nearby Thar Desert

Jaisalmer mainly draws travelers through the nearby Thar desert. Although it’s a long drive from everywhere but certainly worth a trip, it’s a small city with a lot to offer.

However, you will see most of the tourist attractions in two days. Whether you book two nights in Jaisalmer and take a day trip to the Desert, the choice is yours.

To fully enjoy the Thar Desert, I suggest spending the night over there. Get away from the crowd and enjoying the silence in the desert. The safari was one of the best parts we have in India.

To give ideas about where to visit in Rajasthan India, see the places we have visited in the Golden Triangle Route – we started in Delhi, then Agra, Jaipur, Puskar, and Jodhpur, these maybe help you plan the trip.

The Highlight Of Jaisalmer: Two Days Itinerary

It’s a great city to experience, and there is so much to see in Jaisalmer that it will leave you filled with wonder. Walking through a maze of streets and alleys, it feels like back in time.

This medieval desert town is entirely different from other places in Rajasthan. The city’s atmosphere makes most travelers end up staying longer, as there’s a lot to do.

With our two days in Jaisalmer, we managed to see most of the city’s highlights. Below are the things we’ve done in two days – we started on the first day in the desert and spent the night up there.

The Adventure In The Thar Desert

Camel safari at Khuri dunes
How wonderful exploring the dunes with camel

The camel safari is another highlight of our trip to India a must thing to do while in Jaisalmer. Sitting on a camel’s hump is always a great way to experience the desert to enjoy the scenery and its surrounded colors.

There are two places to go for a safari in Jaisalmer. Sam dunes are famous, and the most visited area. Our driver Kamal recommends Khuri dunes a more outlying, and it less crowded.

You will find plenty of safari tours in Jaisalmer, even at your hotel desk can arrange for you. The better way of organizing a safari is to contact the camp itself.

We went with Desert Adventures Camp Safari in Dhoba Khuri; it has excellent service with friendly staff. Our driver Kamal contacting straight these persons –Tane Singh’s phone number  9928503587 or Papu Singh 9784840053. Most of the safari package includes a night in the desert – a once in a lifetime experience. But if you are not comfortable sleeping under the stars, there are tents in the village.

The Abandoned Khaba Fort

Khaba Fort Rajasthan India
There’s nothing much left on the village except the Fort

We visited the Fort coming from Khuri village on our way back to Jaisalmer in the morning. Something different than the old town and not heavily visited by many visitors. The best way to get there is by taking a taxi and combine with Kuldhara.

The village abandoned 200 years ago for some reason. One saying because of the curse, while some told is for an unknown reason. What was the leading cause of the emptiness of Khaba village is still unacquainted even our local driver doesn’t know the truth. However, the fort has done some restoration work; they seem to keep the place to attract more visitors. There is a small entrance fee of 10 rupees, including a small museum where the excavation is displayed.

Kuldhara Village

The ghost town of Kuldhara near Jaisalmer
Another abandoned village near Jaisalmer

Most agencies in Jaisalmer offers a stop in Kuldhara if booking a safari trip. Kuldhara is busier than Khaba Fort, we happen to be here early in the morning, and there were no crowds yet except the workers.

There’s a fascinating story about the place. It happens on one night, the inhabitants abandoned the village and never returned. Nobody knows where they went—an enthralling sight like a ghost town in the middle of the desert with a lot of mystery.

The village mainly consists of ruined buildings, but the government does make an effort for tourist development. As a result of which the houses and the temple increasingly rebuilt. The village offers a quiet atmosphere and is a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of Jaisalmer. A small entrance fee of 20 per person, and 50 rupees for a vehicle.

Meandering The Jaisalmer Fort

The massive fort of Jaisalmer
The largest fort in Rajasthan

The fort is free to visit! It is not often for tourist to see free things in India. The fortress of Jaisalmer is an eye-catcher in the city with its vast sand-colored building. It’s one of the unique forts in the world and yet so approachable.

It’s a vibrant city and bursting with life. Meandering the narrow streets is like walking in a living museum of back roads and alleys where you get a better vibe among the locals and watch their daily activities that take place mainly outside the building. It is like the time that seems to have stood still here.

The town itself locates in the fortress where houses and people live—an entirely different fort from the others we’ve seen in Rajasthan. You can easily spend hours once inside the fort complex—the inner and outer part of the fort filled with historical monuments that you see during the walk.

Fort Palace Museum And Heritage Center

Jaisalmer's city view
View of the street from the Fort Palace Museum

It wasn’t the best day during our visit to Jaisalmer, Jain Temples was closed, which was on the list of things to do. Instead, we visit the Fort Palace Museum And Heritage Center. One of the most excellent places for snooping around to learn the history with the royal family of Jaisalmer. The Fort Palace Museum is quite an architectural masterpiece. The seven-story museum located in the center of Jaisalmer next to Jain temple.

It’s smaller than other palaces on the tourist circuit but undoubtedly worth a visit. As in other royal houses, several rooms with artifacts on display. The exciting part of the building is the rooftop, where an impressive overview of the old town.

Additional info! It’s 500 for the entry plus 150 rupees extra for the mobile phone, and 160 rupees for video and regular camera. Probably they charged a bit more for the rooftop view.

Restaurants Rooftop Hopping

The views of the rooftops in Jaisalmer
The roofs of Jaisalmer

The best way to see the city’s surroundings is to pop in one of the many rooftop restaurants. There are so many restaurants and bars with a high terrace, but finding the right spot is not easy, as the houses and buildings in the old town are like pasted with each other.

If you can’t make up your mind, go to Lake View Restaurant, utterly one of the best rooftops. As the name it sounds, you’ll get a stunning view of Jaisalmer city and Gadisar lake. 

It’s a favorite place by everyone, so it just a matter of luck if you could find an empty table up there. But with a little patient, people regularly in and out of place. It’s obligatory to make orders if sitting up there, enjoying the meal, and the city’s picture.

Local Shopping In Jaisalmer

Happy wandering around the old town
Shop till you drop, so many to buy in Jaisalmer

Like other places in India, shopping in Jaisalmer is a fun thing to do. The city filled with colorful handicrafts that some are just hanging on the walls and waiting for everyone’s attention. For a shopaholic is the place to be! There’s a broad range of products from antique to silk fabric.

Jaisalmer is also famous for its mirror embroidery. These are some impressive local products I saw and haven’t seen elsewhere. If I had traveled with a large suitcase, I would fill with these beautiful handicrafts.

The tricks when shopping in Jaisalmer, meander through the small alleys where fewer tourists. You’ll be surprised how lovely walking to unknown streets where barely tourists. Comparing the price to a busy street where most people go, it saves you some few bucks. Of course, haggling recommended, and I’m sure you already knew your way in India.

Mansion The Havelis

Rajasthani Havelis
An example of Rajasthani traditional mansions

The Havelis were recognizable with its fantastic architecture from the Mughal empire, a design of cultural heritage. Today, the splendor of the townhouses (Havelis) is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Rajasthan.

If you are doing the Golden triangle route, you will see more of these traditional houses. Some of these buildings transformed into lodging and restaurants; you probably will be staying one of these hotels during your trip.

There are several beautiful Havelis in Jaisalmer. While walking through the fort and the surrounding streets, you will regularly come across one. And if you are going to Mandawa, you’ll be amazed that the city is full of Havelis. 

Bara Bagh Temples On The Hillside

The beautiful temples of Bara Bagh in Jaisalmer
Beautifully group of temples on the hillside

Outside the fort of Jaisalmer, there are more places to visit if you were looking to get away from the city’s bustle. The Bara Bagh Temple located six kilometers from the Fort. A tuk-tuk ride is pretty cheap if negotiating the price before you go.

Bada Bagh is a stunning garden complex, a collection of densely together cenotaphs on a hillside. The temples have done some beautiful carving work on ceilings and lintels an imposing design. You can visit the temple at any time of the day, but going late in the afternoon is the best time to see the sunset.

Although it is not a very touristy area, beware of touts outside the entrance, presenting as a guide. It is unnecessary to have a guide unless you want to hear the whole story about the place.

Make A Nice Walk At Gadisar Lake

Gadisar lake and the temples around
An artificial lake with beautiful Hindu temples around

The Gadisar Lake is 2 kilometers outside the fort; a tuk-tuk ride cost 50 rupees. This human-made lake built in the 14th century served as a water basin for the inhabitants of Jaisalmer. Outside are stallholders selling hats and a variety of local crafts.

The lake reminds me of Pushkar, where you can walk around. And along the banks are numbered of beautiful Hindu temples in which locals and Indian tourists were frequently entering for worship. 

The only flaw is too busy during the day. We came back early in the morning, and the whole area looked abandoned. It was nice to walk around without the crowd. Also, you can rent a boat and paddle around the lake for a better view.

Where To Stay In Jaisalmer

Hotel Heritage House
It doesn’t look like a hotel but has a beautiful interior

Jaisalmer is one of the cities known for its traditional mansions, called the Havelis – some of these buildings mainly use for lodgings and other establishments. It is our first Haveli stay on this trip, which was a great experience. I love the elegant style of this hotel lobby, looks like one of the riads in Morocco.

The Hotel Heritage House has a decent sized room equipped with a large bathroom and nicely maintained. Additionally, they provide you with coffee and tea – breakfast serves at the restaurant in the morning. Free wifi for the guests and they also organize a safari tour. The rooftop restaurant has everything and convenient as there are no other places to eat nearby.

An excellent hotel staff trained to respect the guests, not seeing them as a walking wallet compared to other hotels we’ve been on this trip. A beautiful place in Jaisalmer with utmost care to ensure you have a fantastic stay and experience.

The location is in a quiet area, away from the city’s hustle and bustle. But an enjoyable walk of 10 minutes to the old town and the market place. A tuk-tuk cost 50 rupees.

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