Visiting five countries in one trip was a hell of an adventure! Belize became independent from the United Kingdom 1981, the only country in Central America where the official language is English! Traveling for three weeks in the Spanish land didn’t realize how easy it was to speak and understand the English language — no more mumbling Spanish.

When planning a trip to Central America, Belize didn’t come up on the plan. However, we’d like to spend on the last days of our journey on the coast and Belize is known for the vast coral reefs which are ideal for diving and snorkeling. So in the end, before making all the bookings, we put Belize on the list as last stop.

Belize city itself is chaotic and dirty, not a pleasant place to wander. If we could avoid the town, we’ll do, but our flight departs here. So we were savoring on our last day in the city.

Crossing Border From Guatemala And Immigration Control

We cross the border from Guatemala, but already spent a couple of days in Flores, a five hours drive. The shuttle cost 150 Quetzales (18€). The trip from Flores, Guatemala, starts at 5:00 am. You reach the border early in the morning. The driver drops you off at the boundary, and you walk with the luggage through the immigration building, and your driver waits on the Belizean side.
There were six of us in the shuttle all had European passports. The immigration in Belize was the most unfriendly officers we ever meet in Central America. The first thing he asked, is your first time in Belize? We’re all first timer in the country. It looks like he doesn’t want to give the tourist form application or maybe we were entering from Guatemala, there’s still a conflict between these two countries. The Belizean–Guatemalan territorial dispute is unresolved. Moreover, the tourist application form has no translation, a wager for people who don’t speak Spanish.



The tower got the name from the fisherman Baron Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss who traveled the world with his yacht. A keen fisherman. In his will, Baron Bliss expressed the wish to be buried by his beloved sea near an obelisk or lighthouse. His desire was carried out with the establishment of the 50-foot concrete tower by the harbor of Belize City.

Fort Street Tourism Village

The name defers not precisely as it called. It named a village where you find giftshops which intended for the cruise ships passengers as well for the city visitors. It is the right place to buy Belizean products and souvenirs. Besides all that, there are food vendors as well, so worth checking out.

Belize Swing Bridge


Sooner or later you’ll pass through this bridge. The bridge is connecting the two parts of the city. You’ll notice when approaching some losers howling asking where are you going? Is just not the right place to wander at night as its a place for hustlers.

visit the colonial house


If you get lucky, you’ll able to see inside — a beautiful building located in the center of Belize. It uses a government house, which now converted into a cultural center museum. The house built-in 1812; it was officially a resident of the governor of British Honduras. The most elegant structure you’ll see and the highlights of Belize in the past. The architecture embellished with a huge porch.

Visit The Islands

CAYE CAULKER, less than one hour by boat, but it worth to spend the night on the island for more relaxed sphere! AMBERGRIS CAYE, the largest island of Belize, is about 90 minutes by boat. Both islands are doable for day trips!

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