Prizren Kosovo How To Get There From Pristina

City views from the fortress in Prizren

Prizren is Kosovo’s second-largest city and just two hours from Pristina. If you are looking for a day trip, Prizren is the one you should go for. In this post, you’ll find how I spent my day and detailed information about the buses from Pristina. This beautiful city of Kosovo will definitely not disappoint you. 

Getting to Prizren from Pristina

First, you must reach the main bus station in Pristina which is 2 km southwest of the city; it took me 30 minutes to walk. The location of the station in Pristina is so remote. If coming from the center you should walk on the left side of the road at Klinton Boulevard.

If distance worrying you take a taxi it costs 3 euros that’s what the hotel staff told me. I really don’t have experience with taxis in Kosovo as I walk most of the time. Anyways, walking was justifiable as it gave me the chance to see this part of Pristina. If you feel like getting lost the way ask anyone and they will point you in the right direction.


Gjirafa Travel is an online platform for buses in Kosovo for domestic and international, you can also buy your ticket online, but that will not be necessary. Just pay on the bus the day you travel and make sure to have euros for the ticket. If you like to take the bus on time check their schedule the hours are pretty accurate.

One thing I like about the public buses in Kosovo is that they leave on time, which reminds me of buses in Serbia. Anyway, if you plan on visiting Serbia, read my other blog post on what to do in Belgrade, it’s a place with great value in the Balkan and also not yet discovered by mass travelers.

Check the screen inside the station in Pristina

Pristina Bus station

As you arrive at the terminal, you see the ticketing is not the one you need. They only sale tickets for international trips. If you haven’t got a ticket don’t worry you can buy at the bus. Inside the terminal, there’s a screen hanging up with destinations to the left just before the exit. This makes it easier to know on which platform the buses to Prizren, however what you see on the screen isn’t always accurate.

For sure you get on the right bus, enquire at the counters. They will check their system the time of departure and which platform you should go. Also, the buses has a signboard, and most drivers standing in front of the vehicle, so double-check with them. Don’t get confused with vans and buses. If you see a sign for Prizren, you’re good. I took the van as it was the one ready to leave. The ticket price for Prizren is 5.00 euros for one way and just paid inside the bus.

The bus station in Prizren

The bus station in Prizren is approximately 10-15 minute walk from the visitor center, the location is centered, nicer, and more organized than in Pristina. If you have good orientation you don’t need a map, but things can happen unexpectedly, so it is always important to have a backup. What I did before going on this trip I downloaded the offline app and save all the places I want to visit…it works pretty well for walking navigation. Roaming in Kosovo can be quite expensive, so avoid using your mobile internet.

Prizren Bus station

Buses back to Pristina

Going back to Pristina is easy, you don’t need to go inside the station. If you see a bus with signboard Pristina, hop on…to make sure if he really is going to Pristina double-check with the driver. Keep in mind that there are no frequent buses going to Pristina, one bus every two hours depending on the time. Please check the online timetable and make sure you are back at the station because they leave on time even one minute too late they’re gone. On the safe side, I took the bus at 4:00 PM.

My impression of Prizren

From the moment the bus entered the city, wow was not enough to express. I can’t believe visiting this beautiful place in Kosovo. I wasn’t impressed of Pristina, but Prizren is a different story. And I was here on Sunday, and thought would be busy, but almost not. Tourists haven’t found their way here yet. 

Things you can’t miss in Prizren

The Blue Bridge

Bridge of Love in Prizren Kosovo

Besides evoking interest in Prizren, this pedestrian bridge stood out because of its two blue arches. You really can’t miss it during your walk along the Lumbardhi River. It’s amazing to see how many bridges are in the city, which remind me on Prague I didn’t even expect they would call this Bridge of Love…the bunch of love locks were gone, but are still an attraction of its own.

The famous Stone Bridge

Stone Bridge in Prizren Kosovo

This is absolutely a stunning bridge, which reminds me of the Stone Bridge in North Macedonia – a coincidence to have a similar name, except this bridge is smaller than in Skopje. The stone bridge plays a vital role in Prizren as it connects with the old town. And the scenes behind that makes more interesting. If your consciousness calls, take the stairs down the bridge for satisfaction.

And while I’m mentioning North Macedonia, if you haven’t been there yet, this beautiful country in the Balkan isn’t overrun as well. Skopje city is more appealing than Pristina and easy to cross overland if you want to. Interested in North Macedonia?

Sinan Pasha Mosque

Sinan Pasha Mosque in Prizren

The oldest Islamic monument in Prizren, built in 1561 with its elegant position and massive features dominates the surrounding part of the city. There are 40 mosques around, but Sinan Pasha is considered one of the most important religions of Prizren. Not only does it have an impressive structure from the outside, but the interior is also beautiful with paintings on the dome and ceiling. It is open to everyone as long you take off your shoes before going inside..for women cover up your head.

Kalaja Fortress

Kalaja Fortress in Prizren

Prizren has an old-world charm, and still can’t believe I visiting the most beautiful city of Kosovo. The fortress is the highlight of Prizren. Seeing the city from above gives the right impression of width, depth, and position. First, you make an effort for a steep walk through a cobbled and winding road. Just behind the Pasha Mosque is the way up to the fort. Another place to remind me of Albania is the fortress in Kruja. As one of the highest points in the city, you have an outstanding view of the town and its surrounding countryside.

And while in Prizren, Albania is just on the border a well-spent day in Tirana can fill your list. To add one more day of your time, Kruja is ideal as a day trip from Tirana.

Shadervani fountain & square

Shadervani Square & Fountain in Prizren

Shadervani Square is the historic center of Prizren surrounded by numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants. Whether starting here or afterward, you can’t miss the place because it’s the best area for having lunch. 

The first thing that caught your attention is the simple fountain that stands out in the center of the square. This fountain continuously provides drinkable water and with its four water-bringing pipes you can refill your bottle. There’s a story about drinking water from this fountain…they say you are fated to return someday. Let’s see what the future brings, as I have refilled my bottle here.

To get around in Prizren

Being the second-largest city in Kosovo, Prizren is pretty small. And walking is the best way to discover the city’s attractions…make sure to use a GPS. However, if you know the way to the bus station, which is extremely important, you’re good. 

To sum up!

A trip to Prizren from Pristina takes a lot of time traveling. I spend four hours on the bus going and back and I feel continuously on the run because I don’t want to miss my ride to Pristina. If you can spend a night please do to allow a deeper level and learn more about the history. It was my biggest regret for not doing it, as I had no idea what to expect about Prizren, now you know. I would prefer spending more time here than in Pristina.

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