Portugal Travel Cost In 12 Days: Budget And Price

Ponta da Piedade Portugal

Were you planning a trip to Portugal and wondering how much money you need in twelve days? In this blog, you’ll find how much we spent on this trip. If you have been to the country before, I’m sure you will agree that Portugal is an affordable land. We have been to Portugal three times, but only to Lisbon and Porto. And this time we travel through the country in twelve days.

There’s so much to see and do in Portugal and to make this trip easy we rent a car. Huh, the car, is it pricey? of course not. We found a good company that doesn’t rip a wallet.    

And also, you will find the accommodation where we are staying for twelve days during our trip. However, the cost of this trip is beyond our expectations. We have two weeks to arrange the flight; I wouldn’t say I like it as it is expensive. Mainly we book our flight a couple of months before the trip – see here how I search for cheaper tickets.       

A last-minute Air ticket

I don’t spend so much money on European flights while you can fly with low-cost airlines for less than a hundred euro return. I spent hours on the internet searching for cheap flights, but nowhere to find them, as our time isn’t flexible. It didn’t feel good, but it seems we haven’t much choice this time. We want to go on a holiday, and Portugal is the only place for us to travel without quarantine. It was like take it or leave it the flight cost 400 euro to Porto, the cheapest we can get.

For this trip, we flew with Brussels Airlines, and to save a little bit, I book two separate tickets – one with a checked bag of 23 kg and another with only a carry-on of 8 kilograms. Fairly to say, no control on hand luggage; I am carrying a small suitcase that probably weighs more than the specific allowance.

Finding Affordable Car Rental Online

Hiring a vehicle in Portugal

Do you decide to rent a car in Portugal? Well, I think you make the right decision because having your wheel is freedom and going anywhere you want. Also, Portugal is a beautiful country to explore. Hiring a car maybe not in your budget but the most convenient way, especially if you plan on visiting smaller towns and villages, which are difficult to scope with public transport.

There’s plenty of car rentals at the airport in Porto or Lisbon at a competitive price, and they can be overwhelming, so choose well. We opt for intermediate size with a few euros extra we got a better vehicle. It is not the first time we rent a car at GOLDCAR. We used this company before in Spain and Greece and very satisfied their service. We pay 235 euros with all-inclusive insurances for twelve days, which I recommend you to do when renting a car.

As a reminder, when visiting smaller towns and villages, you’ll drive through narrow streets. If you have been to Italy and Spain, well, Portugal is no exception. It looks like the roads are made for smaller cars. As mention, for your own sake, take all-in insurances which cover any damage.

Driving In Portugal And The Electronic Toll

Driving in Portugal is just the same as any European countries they steer on the right side. I presume you choose to go behind the wheel during your trip; well, it’s a fantastic decision. Having a vehicle, it’s ideal for exploring the countryside. However, if using the highways, it can sum up some money. Portugal’s secondary and rural roads are often good quality and free (no toll fees). We didn’t spend too much money on the toll booths except on long-distance drives. We covered more than 2000 kilometers in twelve days and spent 30 euros on toll.

Fuel prices

If you thought of renting a car, think twice before making a booking. I don’t know how far you go, but you need to refuel. I’m sure you know the rules of renting a car. You received the vehicle in a full tank and refilled it when you deliver.

In general, oil prices in Portugal aren’t lower than elsewhere; they range from 1.35 to 1.58 euro the liter. We were lucky to get a diesel vehicle which is slightly cheaper in use. However, looking for the lowest-priced fuel in Portugal, look for Inter Marche and Auchan. Outside the supermarket, they have their gas station. We cover more than 2.000 kilometers on this trip and spend 166 euros on fuel in twelve days.

Free Public Parking Nearly Not Exist

Free parking is difficult to find in Portugal, and that’s an issue when you have a vehicle. Anyway, payable parking is available using a coin machine; a tariff for one hour from 85 cents to 3 euros an hour. In some places, parking is costly, especially in a touristy place. Always park your car in designated areas, and look cautiously because parking signs in Portugal can confuse foreign visitors. We haven’t looked well the signboard, reverted to our car; we got a fine of 30 euros after two days, which is like a punch in our face.

Hotel And Apartment Prices In Portugal

Hotel Dos Zimbros, Sesimbra Portugal

How further you go away from the bigger cities how cheaper the accommodation. However, having a car is a problem; not all hotels can provide free parking space for their guests. In some areas, they charge 5 euro a night. But there’s always a car park outside that doesn’t cost you anything. If you’re not a fussy type, you’ll find lodging as low as 20 euros a night. Yet, we spend 452 euros on accommodation; we didn’t go for the cheapest room.

Here is the list of hotels and Apartments from day one to the last day of our trip.

Coimbra: Hotel D.Luis – Sintra: Comfy Sintra – Evora: Graca Hotel – Lagos: Ocean’s 7 Lagos – Mertola: Paraiso D’el Rio – Sesimbra: Hotel Dos Zimbros – Peniche: Casa Do Azulejo Blue – Aveiro: Venezza Hotel 

Food And Drink Prices In Portugal

Food in Portugal

If you’re a foodie-type person, Portugal is the right place to be. You’re not going to Portugal for the Chinese food or MacDonald, don’t you? There are a lot of things to discover for yourself. Portugal has one of the best seafood I’ve ever been to in Europe at an affordable price. On our twelve days in Portugal, we stayed four nights in an apartment and did some cooking to compensate for the cost of our air tickets. An expensive flight we ever had on our European trip

Although dining out isn’t expensive and there are abundant choices. You get a good serving; a plate for two people for around 30 euros. If you prefer to cook, supermarkets are everywhere like Lidle, Aldi, Inter Marche, and more. Thus, we spend 415 euros on food and drinks in twelve days.

Admission Fees

Not everything is free in Portugal, which reminds me of some Asian countries. You could spend a lot of money on admission, but there are also things to do that don’t cost you anything. Best do some research before you go and make a choice. 

We spend 87 euros on three things which are good value for money: Quinta da Regaleira is the most magical place in Sintra – there is so much to see, and you can easily wander all day long. 

And if you happen to be in Evora, don’t miss Evora Cathedral, cheap admittance, and genuinely worth visiting. You can climb to the top and get the best city views. Another highly recommended and worth spending the money on is the boat tour to Berlengas island– this tiny island is ideal for hike or beach sunbathing, but you need to get to Peniche. 

The Total Price We Spent On Twelve Days

Based on two people traveling, below are the costs of everything we spent in Portugal.

Air tickets – 791€
Car rental – 235€
Fuel and parking -204€
Toll fees – 29€
Accommodations – 452€
Food and drinks – 415€
Entry and tours – 87€

To Conclude…

It seems a significant amount. We spent 2 213 euros together in twelve days. Can you go for less? Yes, of course! Book a flight far in advance or look for a ticket with Ryanair, the (budget airline). Use public transport instead of hiring a car, saving money from fuels, parking, and toll booths.

However, if you plan on visiting smaller towns and villages, it would not be easy to get there. The choice is yours. Another way to bring expenses down is self-cooking, but you need to stay in the apartment where you have the kitchen. There are public markets overall where you can obtain fresh vegetables, meat, and seafood; as well in the supermarkets, you’ll find everything.

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