Caye Caulker, Belize

Belize was our last stop in Central America after touring for three weeks. We crossed the border from Flores Guatemala, which is five hours away. Why Caye Caulker? I guess everyone comes with the same reason, chilling! From the moment you get off the ferry, the first thing you see are the golf carts, the bright blue sea, and the waving palm trees. This beautiful island of the Carribean coast is inevitable and popular for backpackers and season travelers.

It has a hippie as well a laid back atmosphere. So tiny that you see the same faces on the street. However, there is no beach in Caye Caulker, and there aren’t many things to do; but you never get bored! In our five days on the island, there’s no moment of dull days. Caye Caulker is a snorkeling paradise! The coral garden is fantastic! or are you familiar with the Blue Hole? If you have the money, take a scenic flight to the Blue Hole. Four hundred dollars for the aircraft if more people are going for the trip the price can be split up. 


It is not difficult to find your way around, as there are only three main streets in Caye Caulker: The front street, middle street, and the backstreet.  The island is 8 km long and 1.5 km wide — everything is walkable; The only aggravated is the road structure. On the island is a handful sandy and when its rain it turns out a white clay dirty street. During our visit, we have some showers but didn’t take long for the sunshine comes.

The bumpy road in Caye Caulker island
Get to know the island and go for a walk


Golf carts at Caye Caulker Belize
Take a ride or renting a golf cart

As there are no taxis on the island, the golf cart transporting everything. It is not essential to rent a golf cart, for 5$ you can take a ride. It is like waving a tuk-tuk in Thailand, and they stop for you. To hire one is quite expensive, prices start from 80$ a day. It requires a driving license and credit card. Also to be aware, the roads are replete with potholes. 


Sipping cocktails at Caye Caulker Belize
You will get a lot more from these; good cocktails

There is nothing more you can do than relaxed; eat and drink. What else? Hop on from one bar to another and have some cocktails. Order a burger or go for plates of seafood, too many restaurants for such a small island. Plates of seafood are available in most restaurants. 


We have been snorkeling and swimming with the sharks in Fiji Island. But snorkeling in Caye Caulker is entirely different. Is not the cheapest thing to do in Caye Caulker but one should do it while on the island. Prices are overall the same; you pay 130 dollars for six hours snorkeling on the ocean with six different stops. And believe me, it’ll worth for what you were paying. The nurse sharks and green turtles are amazing!

Snorkeling at Caye Caulker Belize
The big fish in the clear crystal water


There are sunset cruise offers on the island, but it is not necessary to spend money while you can watch the sunset for free. Walk to the tarpon fish viewing point, see the street signboard. You walk to a small pier likely a family business, from there you’ll have a beautiful sunset. Or search a spot, sunset can be seen overall on the island.

Sunset at Caye Caulker Belize
The sunset at Caye Caulker


Although it’s a private resort, everyone is welcome. You may have to pay for sun lounger if you need one. The Split, on the other hand, is little too crowd. Koko King Beach, by far the most beautiful beach near the island if you don’t want to pinch yourself on the Split. Boats are frequent between two islands.

Koko King Beach Caye Caulker Belize
Koko King Beach Caye Caulker Belize


Caye Caulker doesn’t have a beach, the only thing lacked on the island, but still very popular for tourist. As you know most hotels have a front beach, but there is no precisely a beach, you only see docks. People do sunbathe, and if they need to cool down, they jump into the water from the pier. 

Caye Caulker Belize
Looks very relaxing


If you don’t mind joining the crowds, go up there early if you want to grab the sun lounger. The most popular place on the island. Unbelievable, people continually hanging out there in the day time or the evening. The Lazy Lizard Bar serves good food and cocktails. Try the happy hour with great deals on drinks. Also an excellent spot for sunset! 

The Spli t- Caye Caullker, Belize
The Split, the busiest spot on the island


You’ll be amazed to see by the number of small gift shops on the island. Either for t-shirts, handicrafts or any other souvenirs. Street vendors are an excellent place to see some handmade crafts. They’re inexpensive, and if you were so friendly to them, they’d give a discount.

Local handicrafts in Caye Caulker Belize
Local handicrafts sells on the street


Caye Caulker is very small; choosing where to stay is not a huge problem, you can walk everywhere, but if you prefer to stay near the center, you’ll pay a little more. The center is near The Split. A five-star hotel will not be around, but there are decent hotels on every budget. On our first night, we were staying near China Town in CHINA TOWN HOTEL. Accommodation in the area is lower than those hotels near The Split. We spent four nights on the island, on our additional nights, we move to another hotel near the Split at JAN’S HOTEL. We were paying 100 euro per night for a standard room. Also, it was a peak season during our visit; the price is rising. The peak season is from December to April. Visiting those months is sensible to book your accommodation in advance. 


Caye Caulker is just an hour away from Belize City. Two ferry companies were frequently crossing the island. Makes it easy for travelers to the island. Not necessary to book the ferry in advance, head up to the harbor and looked which boat is departing. We’ve taken the Belize Express; you can save if buying a roundtrip ticket. We pay 56 BZ$ an open card you can use it anytime and valid for three months.

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