We’re all liked to travel, but when it comes to the air tickets sounds costly. Travel is fundamentally not expensive if you knew how to do it. I am going on a trip ten times a year, and two of these are a long-distance destination (mainly outside Europe) and the remaining part roundly Europe.

At the beginning of my adventure in the ’90s, there weren’t many choices. Thus, the only way to arrange my trip is through a travel agency. However, since the presence of technology, slowly more air carriers found their way on the internet.

The outset was just a few airlines in Europe flying to Asia, Africa, North America, Oceania, and so on. But in recent years, incredulous! How many airlines bid low fares from Europe into the rest of the world. The competition is huge! 

Subscribe to an airline

I have done these trick for years now booking my trip through the internet. For the most part, I sign up to an airline, subscribing is free. You only need a valid email address where they can contact you. That way, they’ll let you know if they have promotion tickets. Moreover, you can save miles by engaging, how often you fly with the same airlines how more air miles you save.

The benefits of the saved miles can be used to upgrade seats or to fly gratuitous. You only pay the tax for the free ticket. Some airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways, Etc. will let you use air miles for online duty-free. 

Plan a trip and choose a destination

I book mostly a ticket 9-8 months in advance. If you are fast grabbing the cheapest fare, you are lucky. Because when the first hundred seats are sold out, implied paying more. 

And in the nearer time of departure, if the airline sees that there are some empty seats, they promote or sell the last-minute tickets to fill the aircraft. It is suitable for flexible travelers. Furthermore, every airline owns a website, therefore makes it easy to book a ticket.

Some say don’t book too far in advance because it is expensive! Or book your ticket on Tuesday or Wednesday because these are fare error days. That’s a myth. Those error fares are for people with flexible time. So if you were capable of flying anytime, this is a good alternative, the same as a last-minute flight.

The practical part is planning a trip and choose a destination. Book the ticket as soon as you decided. But one thing to reconsider though, if the flight booked and you want some changes, it will cost more than 200 euro for a modifying. That is the disadvantage of early booking.

Search engine Booking websites

There are heaps of search engines for flight booking such as — Expedia, Kayak, Opodo, Skyscanner, Momondo, and many more. I used to love Skyscanner, but in recent years the site is less useful in my opinion, too many rivals.

I’m using Momondo for quite some time. It shows the options; cheapest, best, and fastest route. Do not click on a DEAL button because it will redirect you to an agency. They’ll charges extra on bookings.

I proceeded to an airline webpage and booked with them. And as a subscriber of the airline, I fill in my membership number. You need a credit card: visa or a master card for booking no debit card is acceptable. Some were asking me if it is safe booking online with all the internet fraud out there. Years of doing this, I had never encountered any problem. The airline’s website payment information is encrypted, so it is safe for booking. 

Flying on multiple destinations

How pleasingly visiting more than one country in one trip. I often book multiple flights as I’d like visiting two to three places at one time. I’m a dire traveler cramming my itinerary in one trip, but if the route plan accordingly it is feasible in my part.

How about the flights? Of course, you’ll pay somewhat more. However, with Emirates Airlines you can save some bucks. The only carrier gives one free leg on multiple destinations. My last flight with the airline I flew to Myanmar with two days stopover in Dubai, only my trip to Yangon Myanmar has charged.

For my next trip, I book a flight to Nepal with a five days stopover in Dubai, my flight to Nepal is complimentary. Emirates is a leading airline with a generous offer.

Use desktop for secure booking

Cleared the browser’s cookies and history from the computer before searching for flights. My second option goes incognito. If one uses Google Chrome; see the three bullets on the upper right of the screen, this what I see on my screen. If clicking on it, you see new window incognito. It’s good to browse privately. Furthermore, if I’m not decided to buy the ticket that day, I’m clearing the history of the airline websites before offline and wait for a day or two.

Departure airports

On the website of Momondo, I play a little at the selected airport. My main airport is Brussels and fill in the adjacent airports such as Amsterdam Schiphol or Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and compare the price. Also, the day of departure plays significant roles. Sometimes leaving on weekdays are cheaper than at the weekend depends on the airline. 

However, if the departure airport is Amsterdam or Paris, you need to take a train, or else someone driving. Train from Brussels to Amsterdam cost around 26 euro one way and for Paris is about 50 euro one way.

For the convenience, I prefer booking a hotel in Amsterdam and drove up there the night before departure and park the car at the hotel premises. There are several hotels offered Park-sleep-fly package which allows you to park the car while on a trip.

Low Budget Airlines

Ryanair is a leading airline with many destinations around Europe with a meager competitive price. The apprehension of the reputation such as delayed and canceled flights, a lot of people avoided this airline. Fortunately, I never had a bad experience with them.

As mentioned, sign up to their website and receive a promotion ticket through email. Flying on weekdays are cheaper than the weekend. Search for a destination and click, then go to their calendar chart. There you can see how price changes on particular days.

The only thing that will be annoying, most of their flights depart and arrive at smaller airports. That is sometimes 100 kilometers away from the center. But mainly there are regulate coaches on the arrival airports.

TIPS: When booking an online ticket, verify all the information you fill if accurate before clicking the button confirm. Because once the information was inaccurate, even a single letter of the name it cost you money for a change. With a budget airline, they charged 150 euro for an error name. So is worth checking many times before confirming a booking.


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