The beach of El Tunco El Salvador

It was a bit faltering when planning the trip; especially, since you hear about the horrible reputation of the country. Crime is still a massive problem in El Salvador, but as long as you follow the tourist track, there’s nothing to be worried about it. The commiseration of the country’s reputation is affecting the local people and affright visitors. Don’t search too much information about crime and violence; it only ruins your plan. How more I read about it how more I was scared to go.

El Tunco Beach

El Tunco is a fast-growing town in El Salvador, a favorite destination for young and old travelers, particularly for the youth ones. The village lies on the coast, a surf town in El Salvador.
What can I say, we feel very safe in the area; it is a tiny town with only two streets. It didn’t feel like we were in El Salvador. El Tunco is a very touristy place. They have their tourist police station.
There isn’t much to do in El Tunco if you’re not into surfing. The beach isn’t too high, but it is suitable for a swim. On our three days here, it was chilling. However, we’re not a traveler who sit the whole day doing nothing. 


  • Tamanique Waterfalls – is not far from the beach. There are offices in town arranging a day trip to the falls, or you can do it yourself by taking the chicken bus 187; when you arrived in town, there are locals who offer you as a guide. It takes an effort to get there, which requires a bit of adventure, but you’re rewarding when you reach the waterfalls.
El Tunco Beach
The rock formation called (pig) is the icon of El Tunco
  • The Sunset On The Beach – As part of the things to do, the beach area is a place to watch the sunset. Join the others! The rock on the beach called the (pig) due to its formation is one of the most photographed in El Tunco. Everyone will be sitting on the beach in the afternoon, waiting for the sunset.
  • Partying all night – Are you partying, right? We’re not that kind of traveler partying all night; we sip some cocktails, okay. El Tunco is a notable small town full of bars, and if you happen to be there at the weekend, there is a lot more to do, and much busier.
Cave in El Tunco Beach
When is low tide, you can walk around inside the cave
El Tunco Beach
Oceanview from the cave

El Tunco beach

  • The Beach Caves – I heard there were four caves in El Tunco. We walk to one of the caves in the morning, but we haven’t found it, as it was high tide. There is another one in Libertad but again only accessible during low tide. However, you can go down there even at high tide and be able to see inside. In the premises of the LA PAMPA LIBERTAD RESTAURANT, you can take the stairway down to the cave. This restaurant is also an excellent place for dinner to watch the sunset. 
  • Hop to one of the bars and coffee shops or go shopping – There is a selection of shops in town as well for the coffee shop and cocktail bars. Most of them are located on the main road. I can’t remember how many times we walk over and again to the street. 

El Tunco BeachWalking on the beach – Probably the first thing you want to do. When it is low tide, you can endlessly walk on the beach; it is not a powdery beach, and in some areas are full of crags walking with flip flop is annoying.


El Tunco Beach

However, it is a small town, but there is no shortage of places to stay. Accommodation in El Tunco is a bit expensive, especially on weekends. We were staying at this hotel EL SUNZALITO it has a swimming pool and is near the beach. For dining: plenty of choices, but during our stay, we mostly eat like the local people. Barbecue is mainly to find everywhere and is cheap.


You probably freak out when you landed at night in San Salvador. We have a night arrival as there wasn’t a choice on flights. I email our hotel for airport pickup but never got an answer. In general, I’m always concerned when arriving at a new destination at night. However, there was plenty of registered taxis outside; you don’t have to search for it – there are colporteurs acclaiming passengers who need cabs. Assent the price before you go. For El Tunco, we pay 28 US dollars for an hour’s drive.


We departed this trip from Havana, at the check-in counter they asked if we have a roundtrip ticket of El Salvador? NO, we haven’t because we are going through over the border to Guatemala, but I had the shuttle bus reservation voucher.

You may consult the embassy in your home country if you need one. For Belgium passport, you get a 90 days free visa on arrival. You also need to carry a return ticket with you. In our case, we haven’t asked for it, but I’ve seen people need to show it. How lucky we are! As we have our return flight from Guatemala, but I have proof of the shuttle bus from El Tunco to Guatemala, which I booked online.

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