A stroll in town let you discovered the unique stuff

We made a great decision to stay in the neighboring island. However, for some reason, Ambergris is not too bad at all. As the largest island of Belize, you have many options on accommodation, dining, and shopping. Also, the coolest thing, they have beaches. One thing to consider if staying in Ambergris, the prices are high. Is great to make a day trip, the island is easily accessible from Belize City and Caye Caulker. Coming from Caye Caulker we bought a return ticket for 14.50 BZD, not necessarily to book a ticket in advance just showed up to the pier and see which boat departs. There is only two ferry service between the islands.

Once we’re getting off the ferry first thing I notice are the contrasts — the fussed that we haven’t seen on Caye Caulker. Don’t get confused with San Pedro and Ambergris, the town called San Pedro where you arrive by boat and a started point on the island where you can rent a golf cart. 

These are things we’ve done in one day. We rent a golf cart and drove around the island.

Rent A Golfcart

San Pedro Belize Golf cart

Ambergris is larger than Caye Caulker. Walking in a sizzling island can be tiresome. At least you hire a taxi which can be expensive than hiring a golf cart for one day. Once you get to the center town of San Pedro, you’ll see golf carts parked on the street. Just asked any of them, prices were all the same 50 US dollars for one day plus 10 dollars for the gas. You need a driving license. 

Breakfast At The Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar in San Pedro Belize

Have a good breakfast before heading to the beach. The food at the beach is expensive. There are many options in town, but this place recommended from someone. They have good coffee, looks like the Starbucks on the island and served breakfast all day. Try their Belizean food; the best I’ve ever had. 

Secret Beach

The secret beach in Ambergris caye Belize

The refer name is not the way you can expect! Secret Beach is very busy, every visitors on the island heading that way. The location is about nine kilometers from downtown.

Tips on how to get there: Rent a golf cart or take a taxi. But easier if you drive as there are more beaches to visit around. Be aware; the road is so bumpy!  

John's Escape

John's Escape Resort Ambergris Caye Belize

If coming from Secret Beach, you were driving back to the same road. On the curved take the left way, you’ll see a sign. The place is private, but everyone’s welcome. Jonh’s Escape bar and grill is an alternative if you like to get away the crowds from Secret Beach. No other tourist around when we were there. 

Costa Blu Resort

Costa Blu Resort Ambergris Belize

To get there; the road is worse than elsewhere, but doable for a self-drive golf cart. Non-guest can access the resort; you have to register at the reception, and you’re free to stroll around. There’s no beach in the resort, but they have a lovely swimming pool, and less crowded than Secret Beach.  

Dine At Poco Loco's

Ambergris Caye Belize

There are many choices of restaurant in San Pedro, which not easy to pick one. You can never miss this one, the place situated at the center. There are a variety of choices at a reasonable price. Also, there’s a vegan and vegetarian option.

Go On Shopping

San Pedro downtown, Ambergris Caye Belize

San Pedro has more choices for shopping than in Caye Caulker. The shops are more set-up for foreigners and plenty of gift shops around. You’ll find everything from handicrafts to beautiful attires.

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