Santa Cruz Chile
Santa Cruz Chile

Hi, welcome to our travel blog. We are Belinda and Didier from Belgium. We have been traveling for a long time, visiting 95 countries so far on six continents. We’re flying up to ten times a year, and two of these destinations are outside Europe, where we spent three weeks to one month. 

I (Belinda) started a blog after returning an adventurous trip from South America. The idea was to have something to read later on what we have done during our trips. I started blogging on a free platform, but after eight years, it was shutting down. That’s the reason for this blog. Shavyworld was launch in 2019.

Praslin Seychelles

I was born and raised in one of the islands in the Philippines. I came in Belgium in 1985 – during winter. I have so cold…imagine we never have winter in the Philippines.

Before proceeding, I tell you about myself why the hell I move my life to another continent. I follow a person who I care so much! Moving to Belgium is a new life and adventure – I’m homesick at the beginning and miss the family. It’s a new world for me – different cultures, environments, most of all, the language.

I know Europe has various parlance – I end up in a bilingual country, but on the Dutch side. So, the first thing I did is learning to understand and speak in Dutch. It’s a whole process for me because I’ve done self-study.

Now, no one talks behind my back because I speak better than those older people, lol. The good thing if you speak different languages, you could use to pest off people in other countries. I now speak seven languages and guess which tongue.


Traveling is always on my mind.But I have to wait because, in three years of living in Belgium, I get pregnant with my daughter. I’m concentrating on children for a while, which makes me happy and no more homesick, now that I have my own family.

However, I’m able to visit some of the neighboring lands by going on a road trip. That’s easy if living in Europe, you can visit some countries without flying. And within the time of staying home, I’m back pregnant with my son.

Four years have passed, how fast. We decided to visit the family in the Philippines with the kids. They’re just babies, my son was only eight months old, and we went on a long journey. The trip went well without any hassles, then followed by more trips afterward.

Siem Reap
My daughter Ivy during her adventure in Cambodia

After years of waiting, I can finally travel. My daughter and I were a good team, and she was only eight years old, I took her everywhere.Her first long journey was Thailand, then followed by other destinations. Until she didn’t want to come with me anymore, I have to travel alone for a while.

However, they now have their own life. My daughter lives in Australia; she has the character from me, an adventurous girl. She has exploring Southeast Asia for six months.

Taking goodbye of my son Shane before his adventure to Southeast Asia

Moreover, my son is a late bloomer who has just started his first adventure in Southeast Asia. He’s an adventurer as well, although, for the first time, gone from home for so long. He started the trip to Bangkok and continue to the Philippines afterward spend some time in Australia. Is a hell of an adventure for him

La Digue Seychelles
La Digue Seychelles

How we managed to travel a lot?

The airfare is the most expensive on a trip. Booking far in advance is a significant saving. Do it yourself is way cheaper than going to an agency. Planning a trip is easy – admittedly, we do have difficulty choosing a place to go, although we have a long list of destinations and were slowly going in that direction.

The Galapagos Island

No organized trips!

We did it at the beginning. At that time there isn’t much information on the internet compared with these days. Organize trips not only expensive, and you strictly had to follow the programs and rarely have freedom. Countries we went on an organized trip; Egypt, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua.

We realize after coming back from Nicaragua, asking why not do it ourselves? Since then, we went our way. Do it yourselves saves a significant amount. Airline tickets are easy to book through their websites — cruises or day tours, easy to book on the spot.

Pinnawela Srilanka
Pinnawela Srilanka


I’m an avid person who loves to learn new things!

Despite the fact, I did not go to a school of learning Dutch because I’ve done my self-study at home. But I have an interest in learning a different language; I know if traveling anywhere, a primary phrase of country’s tongue is essential because not everyone speaks English.

I’m glad I did learn French, Portuguese, and Spanish. After the language, I’m following various courses such as computer expert or learning for blind typing, which was essential when writing blogs, the last but least is designing a website.

But since I started this travel blog, I didn’t have the time anymore to go to school.

Ille aux Cerfs Mauritius
Ille aux Cerfs Mauritius

The bucket list

Our biggest dream and on the highest list at the moment is ANTARCTICA. The only thing that keeps me from not going is the temperature and seasick. Or can you visit Antarctica without going on a cruise? Silly question!

During the cruise to Galapagos Island, I’m a mess! I didn’t enjoy the trip entirely. I haven’t prepared I didn’t know, I got seasick. We were on the cruise to Egypt a long time ago; I didn’t get sick, just recently discovered I have seasickness.

There is always something to hold you back from not going! Health, time, and money? When it comes to money, my slogan: You can’t do anything with the fortune when you’re gone! Spend it while still alive! Explore the world, join to SHAYVSWORLD!

Argentina, Didier’s favorite country!

Bariloche & lake dsitricts
Bariloche, Argentina

Argentina was a real adventure trip we ever had and the first destination in Latin America. We were considering going on an organized tour. However, we decided to do it ourselves. We haven’t precisely an itinerary on this trip, as well as no accommodation booked except for the first two nights in Buenos Aires. We booked a car as our plan to drive around. Argentina is a vast country, so the easiest way for us to start is to Buenos Aires, as well as the most natural way of flying from Europe.

Fiji Island
Fiji Island


As we own the car for two weeks, we drove a long distance every day — the most natural way of exploring the country with a vehicle, no traffic except in big cities.
The most disaster we ever had when arrived in a small town at night and no accommodations available. There were only a few houses; the people told us to drive further, and we thought just a short drive, but it is more than one hour drive.

Driving in the dark, in a deserted road, was so scary. Since then, we’d try to arrive early in a bigger town. Uh well, despite some mishaps, we had a great time in Argentina. We were able to combine the trip with three other countries in the neighborhood, such as Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay, and our dream come true to see the massive waterfalls (Iguazu).

New Zealand is my favorite!

Rotorua New Zealand
Rotorua New Zealand 2009

We visited New Zealand in 2009 before the first earthquake happened. From the 95 countries, this is by far my number one favorite! What I’d like in NZ, the people are so kind, and the impressive landscape! I would say, Iceland has the similarity, but still, none beats NZ. However, we did it again, flying over there without booking accommodation in advance. We do have an itinerary this time as we need an arrangement with the car. We started the trip in the south and ended up in the north. We visited in November which was offseason, finding a roof for our head wasn’t a problem.

We got fines!

The landscape is too impressive; we didn’t keep an eye on the speed; we suddenly saw the blue flashing light behind us. What the cops said, a typical tourist thing “enjoying the view but didn’t notice how fast they drive.” The police were laughing at us. We didn’t have to pay on the spot, but one month later, after the trip, we receive the fines. Next time we’ll be careful. The stipulation we had for our non-European destination we only visit once, but we’ll make exemptions of going back to our favorite country, the one we loved.

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