Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi

Delhi was the first city I have in mind when planning a trip to India. Our initial plan is to experience a couple of nights in the capital as a layover to the Philippines. But, our three nights turn into thirteen days – we want to discover more of India. Therefore, we booked a Rajasthan tour online with NAMASTE TOUR. 

We spent two nights in the capital, which is adequate to experience the crowds. Delhi is a city that you can’t ignore when visiting the north of Rajasthan. 

But we came in the wrong month (December). It was not the best time for a visit because of the chill weather and the fog, but we take that consideration for the next time. Nevertheless, the city is suffering from pollution; one of the reasons many visitors didn’t even bother to get to know the city, and they just went through.

Delhi First impression

From the moment we drove out of the airport, it was like someone saying Namaste (welcome) to India. The noise is hard to understand why they’re honking all the time. Traffic without rules everyone continually switching lanes, it seems they’re in a hurry while our driver is a calm person interrogating us with personal questions. But that’s typical of Indian people; they want to know everything about you.

Briefly, the contrast between the new and the old town is noticeable. The new district of Delhi built under the leadership of the British, where you will find colonial buildings and wide avenues with lawns and parks an oasis of peace.

The Old Delhi, on the other hand, is the heart of the city consists of a maze of streets, temples, markets, and mosques. Full of lively and colorful shops, food stalls, ringing bicycle rickshaws, and honking motorcycles. An enormous difference, but it remains a dirty, busy city, and left a lot of impressions.

The beautiful complex of Humayun’s Tomb
The beautiful complex of Humayun’s Tomb

9 Unmissable Things To Do In Delhi India

Is Delhi worth exploring? Yes absolutely! It will be a shame to skip the city. We only spent 1,5 days – on which wasn’t enough; I could stay a bit longer. Unfortunately, we combined this trip with Brunei and Kuala Lumpur. Although our time is short in Delhi, we didn’t want to miss anything.

As soon we arrive on a Sunday morning somewhat weary from a long trip because of a long evening layover in Doha and haven’t slept during the flight, I’m thrilled to see some of the city’s site. And we’re so lucky that able to visit some of the places that day – Monday some of the tourist attractions closed. Delhi is a city that doesn’t give a good impression on everyone but genuinely deserves to explore.       

The impressive building of Lotus Temple
The impressive building of Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple

This temple forms a nice contrast with the many ancient monuments in Delhi. However, I heard that it is always so busy. Our driver said to avoid the crowds morning is the best time to visit, but it was just the time we had. We visited the Lotus temple on a Sunday afternoon, and it swamped with people. We were queuing for more than one hour, some Indians without respect overtaking tourists. And you don’t find lots of attractions in India for free, this one you don’t have to pay for anything. Monday, the temple is closed.

The massive structure of India Gate
The massive structure of India Gate

India Gate

In the newer part of Delhi, you will find many beautiful sights, and India Gate is among one of them. This massive triumphal arch is one of the remarkable monuments in Delhi designed by a British architect Edwin Lutyens. The India Gate is a memorial to Indian soldiers from various wars, with more than 90,000 names engraved on the monument. It is a popular place for many Indians and families; it can get so busy. Try visiting in the morning, and combined the India Gate with the Parliament Building. 

Parliament House of Delhi
Parliament House of Delhi

The Parliament Building in Delhi

It can perfectly combine with the India gate, just a short walk from each other. We haven’t thought about visiting this place, but our driver insists that we should see it. However, no access inside the buildings we can only view from the outside and is utterly worth a stroll. From the wide roads, you see lines of impressive buildings. I’m genuinely thankful to our driver for taking us here.

Laxminarayan a beautiful Hindu Temple
Laxminarayan a beautiful Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple in Delhi

Laxmi Narayan Mandir – is a Hindu Temple and free of charge – as a worship place, inside is prohibited from taking a photograph. And it’s good to have a guide inside who can explain about Hindu Gods and Goddesses, and we’re thankful for our driver. I’ve seen many Hindu Temples, but this the finest one I’ve visited. Not only is it beautiful from the outside, but it also has an appealing interior: the shiny marbles, decorative ceilings, walls, paintings, and statues, a majestic place. For foreign tourists, you get a free locker to put your shoes and for the mobile phone.

The Jama Masjid, the biggest mosque in India
The biggest mosque in India

Jama Masjid Mosque

We visited this place early in the morning and plenty of people inside already. Although it is a house of worship, there’s an admission of 300 rupees; also, you’ll have to pay for your shoes outside. The impressive Jama Masjid is the largest mosque in India, one of the famous sights of Delhi. Inside it shows some beautiful stone carvings. As opposed to other mosques, there’s no inner section merely an open space where people pray. And for a few rupees, you can climb the top of the minarets for a view of Delhi.    

The memorial of Ghandi inside Raj Ghat park
The memorial of Ghandi inside Raj Ghat park


Raj Ghat is a memorial dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. It’s free entry, so why not take a look at it.If you have enough of the city’s bustle, come to this park an oasis of calm. It is not just a regular public park, inside you’ll see several spells from the famous Gandhi.

In the center of the park is the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi – considered by many to be one of the great personages the world has known. The marble platform marks the site of  Gandhi’s cremation on January 30, 1948, one day after his murder. To get in the shrine, you will have to leave your shoes at a designated place. 

Humayun’s Tomb, and the beautiful surrounding
Humayun’s Tomb, and the beautiful surrounding

Humayun's Tomb

There’s an entry fee of 600 rupees, but truly worth the price. You receive a token instead of a ticket that gives access to the complex. Keep the token in a safe place as you need it again when exiting the site. If you lose the coin- there’s a fine of 100 rupees.

The tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humayun is one of the best-preserved monuments built in the sixteenth century and is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The Humayun’s tomb has strongly influenced the construction of the Taj Mahal made entirely in red sandstone. Also, the beautifully landscaped park surround is perfect for a scape from the bustling street.

The stone tower of Qutub Minar
The stone tower of Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar

You will pay 600 rupees for the entry. The entrance system the same as in Humayun’s Tomb; you receive a token at the ticket counter to access the complex. Essentially, the only thing that worth seeing is the stone tower, that one called Qutub Minar. The victory tower of 73 meters high and consists of five floors.
At the bottom of the tower is the Quwwatu’l-Islam, the oldest mosque in the north of India. Besides the minaret, it is an excellent place to wander and discover the number of monuments around. The surrounding archaeological area has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. Beware: this place is popular with Indians, and that can be busy.

The ruin in Hauz Khas village
The ruin in Hauz Khas village

Hauz Khaz Village

When we told our driver we want to visit Hauz Khas – he said, there is nothing to do there, and we’re aware of it. Hauz  Khas is very popular for youth Indian, the nightlife neighborhood of Delhi. I understand he doesn’t want to bring us there because we’re driving for almost one-hour through the traffic. 

We visited the village in the afternoon. The first thing that notices me is the modern boutique shops and a bunch of pubs, but fewer tourists. You’ll find the ruins if you go down by the lake – but it does not propose a lot – after 15 minutes, we’re back to the main street where endless bars and club serves food. Hauz Khas is an alternative place in Delhi if you’re looking for serene.

where to stay in Delhi

You have to decide which part of the city you want to abode. The old town is a bustling place, and the new Delhi is a place to be if you’re looking for a quiet location. If you check, you will see all prices from budget to expensive. We mostly stay in a mid-range hotel. 

We were staying in New Delhi at Treebo Trend Singh Sons. It lies in a pretty quiet area and is within walking distance of everything and many restaurants. Accurately, a three-star hotel in India is not comparable to the European standard. Besides, most hotels provide free internet for their guests, which is very handy. 


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