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Hi, welcome and thanks for visiting this website. I’m Belinda, the author of Shavysworld. Here you’ll find information on places for your next trip no-nonsense reviews. Shavysworld travel blog is mostly and adventure as well as do-it-yourself (DIY). You’ll find travel costs and prices of hotels, tours, etc. I encourage you to explore the world, and with my tips in this blog, it’ll help you plan on your next trip and destinations!

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PRASLIN SYCHELLESI’m a Filipina who grew up from the island of Cebu, Philippines. I take the long way of pursuing my dream. My adventure starts when moving my life to Belgium. Since then, I continue traveling around the world at a slow pace. Travel broadens your mind and makes you wiser – you don’t need to be rich to go on a journey. Because in this blog, you will learn how to travel cheaply—my trip based most of the time on (Do it Yourself and adventure). What are you waiting for? It is never too late traversing the globe.




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