Life is a great adventure


Hi, I’m Belinda!

I was born and raised in the Philippines on the island of Cebu. My life adventure began when I set up my two feet on the ground in Belgium, which was back in 1985. I’m a lucky person who can travel around the world. So far, I have visited 100 countries on six continents. I have been traveling solo for the last year and truly enjoy it. On my travel blog, you will find some information that I’ve discovered during my journey.

Travel is an addiction, and I am constantly searching for a new destination. I love going to places that are not so popular an off beaten path where not everyone going in the same time.

And right now I have a few on my list to go and hoping to make it there someday. I know there’s so much to see out there, and I’m slowly going in that direction. Learn more about me!

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